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A bit about me - I have been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years and am rapidly approaching my 250th wedding. 

I use a documentary style approach to wedding photography which means I prefer to take shots of natural moments which are not posed. These are the photos which truly reflect the special events of the day.

I'm based in London but often shoot Berkshire and Surrey weddings and am happy to travel as required across the UK and abroad. I 

London is known for being a melting pot of ethnic diversity, and indeed one of the best aspects of being a London wedding photographer is the variety of weddings I have the privilege of shooting. Whether it be a traditional church wedding, an Indian wedding, a Jewish wedding or even a humanist wedding - I'll be a very experienced "fly on the wall" capturing every amazing moment in a way that I hope you'll love.

I like to think of myself as friendly and approachable so do get in touch if you like my photography style.




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