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I’m Mantas Kubilinskas. I’m a photographer, a traveler and an adventurer. Everywhere I look I see images and the endless stories they embody. 

I came to the United States from a small town Joniskis in Lithuania with no English, no friends, and just the money in my pocket. My parents dreamed of a better life for our family, and sent me as the scout to begin the adventure for all of us. It was an amazing experience to come to a country without knowing the language or people! It taught me a new way of seeing things - that if I just look, I’ll see that everyone has a story worth telling. 

My photography is not about me. It’s about you and your story. Every couple I photograph gives me the opportunity to create something new and amazing, and I get excited imagining what each client and session will bring. My vision is to capture the connection, intensity, laughter and love in a moment so you can remember it for years to come. Whatever you’re feeling in that split second, I want you to feel every time you look at your photographs. My work is filled with action and emotion, and when I can make you laugh and expose your genuine happiness in my photos, it’s my favorite part of what I do.

Photography is more than just my job, it’s my passion. It has become the center of my own story and allowed me to live the life of my dreams. I look forward to sharing it with you! 


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