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Giorgia and Fabrizio are husband and wife and share a passion that they have been able to translate into work: photography. Their starting point is Savona and during these years they have told marvelous love stories, with unmistakable style, traveling in Italy, Europe and Worldwide. Giorgia is solar, enthusiastic, romantic. Her sensitivity makes her catch and capture every emotion, this makes possible that complicity that makes you be yourself and allows her to capture every moment of the most important day of your life. She likes traveling and getting to know people and new places, the sea, the snow, concerts, music, spending time with her friends and cultivating different hobbies. Fabrizio is rational, direct, sincere. Your approach to your wedding day will be instinctive and spontaneous. He will be able to put you at ease, he will be attentive to all the details and his pictures will give you emotions every time you will look at them. The music made them meet and photography wrote the steps of their journey together. The naturalness and the search for authentic emotions indicate the route of their work and their life. When they are not engaged behind the camera, Giorgia and Fabrizio love spending time with their dogs, Bombetta and Piero, taking long walks, listening to good music and surrounding themselves with their friends. They are always ready to try new experiences that they treasure and enrich their professional baggage. They will be thrilled to know you better and listen to your story!


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