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Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Wedding Photographer - Aaron Storry Photography

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A celebration of love documented through photography. Often brave but always beautifully real, my wedding photography is a series of moments captured in time that tell the wonderful story of my couples, and my own journey through life.

We’re all beautifully different. Every living soul is special, relevant, interesting and has the capacity to do great things. But I think the thing that differentiates my photography from that of my peers is my personal outlook on how I observe, document and tell the story of a wedding day. When my couples trust and invest with me, in return I invest time in them. I’m obsessively committed to documenting the unique story of a wedding in it’s full comprehensive glory. My style isn’t choreographed or repetitive, and I never have a script for how I expect the cards to fall, I just put up a camera, observe and capture tiny moments in time. My style was born and grown from personal experiences, so imitation is impossible, it’s me that makes me different


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