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Terni, Italy Wedding Photographer
Terni, Italy Wedding Photographer - Maurizio Rellini (Rellini Art Studio)

Maurizio Rellini (Rellini Art Studio)

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I started my carrier in photography nearly 20 years ago. I cooperated with the main travel and lifestyle magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Sunday Times, Lonely Planet and my photos graced their covers more than 400 times.

In 2010 I founded Rellini art studio together with my wife and started shooting weddings, which soon became my main activity. My photographic style derives both from my past experiences and from my passion for movies. I put together spontaneous and creative style, mixing natural and artificial light, always focusing on moments  and feelings.

I deeply rely on my intuition but I always prefer to plan my weddings and my main shots.

Clients often ask me if my portfolio is made up with photos from different photographers, but it's not! I like to be as polyhedral as possible but it's the couples who are deeply different from each other: this is why I love to know my clients as deep as possibile prior to the wedding day so I can understand their pure attitude and get the best when I need.






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