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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself, I’m Rohit Gautam and I’m an independent Asian wedding photographer. Originally from a Hindu family in India, I came to the UK in 2003, not knowing what the future had in store for me. Once here, I studied for an MSc in Mobile Computing and travelled around the UK, particularly throughout rural Scotland and the North York Moors.

My family runs a successful photography business in India, but it was here in the UK that I was captivated by the wild rugged beauty of the countryside, its colours and textures, and it was this which peaked my interest in photography. I wanted to use this interest in traditional wedding ceremonies to capture the culture couples in this day and age hold especially when exchanging vows in temples all over the UK like London, Birmingham, Berkshire and Leicester.

When a couple comes to me and asks me to capture their special day I want to make sure that their day is memorable and that’s why I opt for a documentary style above any other. I want action shots, I want everything to be natural and not staged, I want to be part of the families during the rituals. During my time I have really come to understand the different ways in which a wedding works whether that’s a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Christian wedding ceremony. I am a family man myself, married with two beautiful daughters so I understand the modern yet traditional wedding from a family who wants to remain true to their cultures perspective as well as pleasing their elders.

I am now based in Bedford and travel widely throughout the UK, Europe and India to capture the joy of weddings wherever your family is based.

I’m often asked about my approach to photographing a wedding, and what I will do throughout the day. I understand that the Asian wedding day is solely about the bride, groom and their families, and that the Vidai ceremony is sacred: indeed, this sacredness is what makes it so beautiful. My approach, therefore, is to be unobtrusive and simply to work around the ceremony, capturing those spontaneous moments, hiccups, laughter and tears that make the day so special. My photographs tell the story of the day as it happens, and the immense joy of the wedding is captured wonderfully just as it comes: freely and without force.

The vibrant colours, deep emotions and ancient rituals unique to Asian weddings are a pleasure to photograph, and it would be a privilege to work with you on your special day.

I pride myself on my close work with each couple, so please contact me for a personalised quote by visiting the ‘contact me’ section of the site. I would love to hear from you.

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