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Ernestine et sa famille is ... Marine photographer for more than 12 years, mother of 2 children, based in Ile de France.

What moves me? Love, of course! I'm addicted to emotions, I love roar of laughter, tears of joy, and the traces they leave in our hearts.
I cultivate the memory, I think it allows us to better live in the present. I love the family albums, how they trace our history and define us. This is why I truly believe that it is important to keep beautiful pictures of strong moment of our lives. 

After studying philosophy and a degree of Arts, I started the photo studio as assistant of fashion photographers. But soon, it is the photojournalism that attracts me.
In 2002, I become the assistant of Marc Riboud (former President of Magnum) and begin in parallel my own first journalistic reports, interesting me to relations between individuals, family and living areas.
Until 2007, I realize the author reports, working with french press, exposes, invest in contemporary art photo-project and performs in parallel event-reports, and private (portraits, weddings, etc. ...).
In 2007, I became a mother for the first time and finds it difficult to balance work and motherhood. Ernestine et sa famille (2012) is a life plan to match with the need to adapt my professional life to my family life in harmony with my values.
I propose today documentary photography for wedding and family. 

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