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My approach of the wedding and portrait photography.

The natural approach and the photo story are the two elements I am keen on and I make pictures with. It makes possible to free myself from traditional portraits. For me this is a way to express myself through the picture and its emotional power.

I enjoy sharing your emotions and your happiness to capture in pictures a moment of your life and to tell a story, your story.

Wedding photographer.

Your wedding is first of all a story. A magical time, full of emotions. All along the day, I am with you to capture all the emotions and all the reactions. During the wedding there are a lot of important and unexpected moments. And it is with discretion that I am able to move through your guests to be as closer as possible to them to take pictures at once natural and modern. I also like to compose and to direct to highlight your couple pictures and some other moments.


For me a beautiful picture is a picture that provokes or brings an emotion. First of all I love natural and soft pictures and also simple things. My inspiration comes from you and pictures are the reflect of your style. I rather work pictures in colors but I really like black and white. With black and white there is another visual language with certain contrasts and densities. It emphasizes the interpretation and the poetic aspect of the image and offers an eternal side.

Some pictures are more appropriate to black and white and offer the possibility to keep a beautiful harmony. It is an emotional choice that comes to me with some atmospheres or persons.

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