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Someone recently asked me what I plan to be doing in 30 years and the answer was clear, photography. Photography is my job, its my hobby, its my passion. A life without photography does not sense to me. I look at the entire world around me at all times and think about how I can capture what I see and put it in to a photograph.


The moment my journey as a photographer began was very clear and memorable. It was the first day of architecture school and my professor said “from this day, you will never see the world the same”. For years I spent my time with pin to paper learning to design and create with purpose and passion. My view of architecture, nature, light, and people changed in to something more meaningful and I wanted to share the way I viewed the world.

During my 8 years as a photographer, one thing has never stopped capturing my attention; love. I’ve photographed close to 300 weddings and just about 400 families in the Chicagoland area and many other destinations. Every day of my job is a reward. Everyday I strive to be a better photographer, to challenge myself, and to better understand and appreciate the impact my photographs have on my clients present and future.

My goal as a photographer is to capture the essence of my client’s relationships and the beginning of their new family. I want my wedding clients to open their album and relive the most important day of their lives over and over. I want my new parents to always remember how precious and small their child was as a newborn baby. I want my families with children to remember the chaos and the laughter. All those moments that pass us by too fast; I want my clients to have them forever.

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