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Leipzig, Germany Wedding Photographer
Leipzig, Germany Wedding Photographer - Hochzeitsfotografie Schneider

Hochzeitsfotografie Schneider

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Good light is a matter of opinion, the perfect moment is emotion.

If there is anything like freestyle in the field of photography, for me it is wedding photography.
When else are you offered such a plenty of motives and emotions in a single day?
Each moment is correspondingly precious, if it is the dressing in the morning, the Yes in front of the altar,
the first cut of the wedding cake or the fireworks as final highlight.
Professionally, with sure instinct and much experience – that is how I document your great day in all its stages.
In doing so, every wedding is unique, I newly get involved with each of my couples and give them their own framework.
The result are natural-aesthetic portraits and unique snap shots.
Many small amiabilities of the day are to be found in my pictures besides all great moments.

To be a photographer is not only a job – it is a vocation.

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