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Veneto, Italy Wedding Photographer
Veneto, Italy Wedding Photographer - Roberta De Min

Roberta De Min

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A little about me... Although writing about yourself is no easy task! To help things along, I could start with a list of things I like, and things I don’t like. 
I absolutely adore travelling. I am a nomad at heart: I enjoy discovering new people, places and cultures; trying new foods, smelling new aromas, touching new lands. I hate anything sweet – yes, that’s right – I might be the only person on earth who does, but I really can’t bear sweet foods. I love glasses of every shape and colour, and I have boxes full of them at home. I do yoga, which I discovered a few years ago and has helped me change how I see my life, and gain greater awareness of my body and my inner self. It is a discipline that makes me feel good; everyone should do it! Perhaps that is another reason why I have a boundless passion for the East and oriental life philosophies (I’m convinced I was Indian in my former life). 
I love animals, all of them, even the ones that make me feel squeamish – like spiders – but my favourites are dogs. Mine is called Kiwi, and he’s more famous than I am on Instagram. 
Other things I like? Tattoos; cinema; old black and white films; books, and the smell they have; incense; pizza; spices, which I put everywhere, even in my herbal teas. I love eating well and drinking good wine; food is all about socialising for me. 
I adore polka dots: the whole world should dress in polka dots (it would be less sad). 
I love smiles (there isn’t enough smiling in the world), kindness and humility in people. Music…I almost forgot! Well, music makes me whole. As someone once said – I don’t remember who – music is the soundtrack of our lives; and that really is the case for me. 
I love dreaming. Dreaming means being free. 
Why am I a photographer? Good question. Let’s say there’s been something there ever since I was little, I just didn’t know it. I discovered it years later because even when I was little I used to like to cut out adverts by D&G, amongst others. At the start I thought it was about the clothes, then I realised…. I liked those images, those portraits, those stunning black and white photos. Then at high school a teacher treated us to a brief course in photography, and it really opened my eyes on a new world. Ever since I have been in love with it, and that’s when I decided what I wanted to do with my life. If you want to find out more, you’ll find a short interview here (
My favourite films are Amelie, Pulp Fiction and Breathless (A Bout de Souffle). My favourite books are Shantaram, The End is My Beginning (La Fine è il Mio Inizio) and The Wind-Up Bird. 
So this is me, my passions and my fears. 
I want to live in freedom, not least where photography is concerned.
My studio is in Belluno, but my home is the world.


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