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Vienna, Austria Wedding Photographer - Lukas Bezila Photography

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my name is Lukas and I am a full time wedding photographer based in Vienna. In my wedding photography I focus on documenting genuine emotions and creating breathtaking portraits during the portrait session. I like to experiment and I see each wedding as an individual masterpiece. My approach to photography is best summarized in my slogan: 
"Just be yourself, I will take care of the rest" 
Please have a detailed look on my portfolio, and if you feel touched, please do not hesitate to contact me


Lukas Bezila, Vienna, Austria

Your pictures are splendid!!! It is incredible how awesome the pictures turned out!... I was crying looking at them… you really made it to capture all the emotions… incredible!

Maria & Michael

Lukas Bezila, Vienna, Austria

Dear Lukas, we’ve just seen the pictures from our wedding and are moved to tears. So many emotions, so many moments getting alive in your pictures. Thank you so much!

Barbara & Martin

Lukas Bezila, Vienna, Austria

Dear Lukas, the pictures are incredible. I have to look at the pictures again and again. Thank you very much for being part of our wedding

Dani & Stefan

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