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With a distinctive ability to capture the timeless substance of events in images marked by elegance and emotion, Lukas has gained international recognition from his peers (ISPWP, WPJA & Fearless Photographers). Using photojournalism as a starting point, he infuses every shoot with a distinct artistic sensibility—an approach he has come to term “fine art documentary photography.”

Having extensive experience living internationally, Lukas has a special ability to pick out the unique beauty of varying cultural traditions—something he is able to do whether the wedding is in Miami, New York, Paris or a more exotic destination.


Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

We had the privilege to have Lukas take our photos on our wedding day on the 25th July 2015 in the Jardin des Martels and then the Moulin de Nartaud in France. Despite the quirky wedding format with opted for, and thus the very early start and consequently long day ahead, Lukas was very understanding and adaptable to our needs. He is a very nice guy who got along with every one involved on the day and genuinely enjoys what he's doing and the quality of is work is beyond reproach. The photos all look very natural and never forced or staged, he just hides in plain sight and takes the perfect shot at the perfect moment without being in the way. We were especially impressed by the fact that he managed to prepare a diaporama/slideshow with key photos and a tastefully chosen music on the very same evening for all the guests to enjoy at the end of the meal, and without fail it impressed all the guests with a lot of laughter, "ooh's" and "aah's" and also a few tears. We also can't say enough good about his commitment and availability afterwards; he is always very prompt to answer any questions you may have and will go the extra mile to keep you happy. I can say with confidence that anyone choosing his services will be completely satisfied.

-Yenying & Cedric

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

Lukas was very professional. He knew how to reassure us before the wedding day. He came to check on the wedding site beforehand so he was able to advise us on the best spot for the bride and groom photoshoot and took wonderful shots. He captures the emotion of the instant. He's very discreet, so the pictures come out natural. He was with us while we were getting ready, when we found out our bride and groom outfits, and followed us the whole day and part of the night. He has the eye to take original pictures even if the place is not exceptional. For the party, we chose 2 options:

1- the moving studio: great entertainement spot where you can take fun pictures of all invitees

2- the diaporama presentation: during the dinner, Lukas shows a nice presentation of the pictures he took the same day. It tells the story of our D-Day. Everything goes so fast during this day, especially when you make the final arrangements... Time flies, but thanks to the diaporama we could live again for 3 minutes this beautiful day. Thanks Lukas for your pictures, they'll remind us beautifully and with emotion our wedding day.

-Amandine & Nicolas

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

Our wedding planner recommended Lukas to us and I can't thank her enough as we would never have found him! Picking the right photographer for your wedding day is such a huge deal for most brides as there are lots of things to consider. But for me, planning a wedding in France when I lived in the UK I didn't let myself get caught up in the technicalities of what style I wanted and the various packages you could get so it was a bit of a gamble booking Lukas. We didn't ask for a pre shoot like most photographers offer to do the formal meet and greet as we didn't live in the same country so we only met each other on the wedding day. Lukas was great though, so professional and warm, he put me instantly at ease and just got straight to it. He wanted us to pretend he wasn't there and with everything going on that morning we barely noticed him. He was amazing and helpful and really captured the essence of the day beautifully. Every single picture he took is amazing, my mum wants to hang every single one up in her house! Ha. My mum cried when she saw the pictures, she said she has never seen me look more beautiful, his photo's make us look like Hollywood movie stars! I couldn't be happier with the shots he has captured of all of my family and guests, honestly we have never looked so good!
Jonathan wasn't sure when Lukas turned up to take pictures of him and his ushers getting ready but he is so pleased Lukas insisted. He has some beautiful shots of him helping his brother and father getting ready, real beautiful moments between a father and son.
My only regret is not booking Lukas for longer!  
I really cannot recommend him enough. I really hope this is not the last time working with him, I can't imagine a family celebration without Lukas capturing it so beautifully on his camera!
We'll stay in touch!
Thank you!
-Danielle & Jonathan

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

As we began planning the wedding my now wife and I were unsure about how much to budget for a photographer. We both decided that it was worth investing in a photographer, spending as much as we were able to afford, as the photos they would take would be the lasting memory of our wedding, but would also hopefully tell the story of the event for future generations. It was therefore important to find someone that we trusted to not only capture the key moments (the procession down the aisle, the vows, the first kiss etc) but who would be able to move about throughout the rest of the wedding taking photos without people being aware of the photographer’s presence.
We were referred to Lukas, and a handful of other photographers, by the event coordinator at our chosen venue. What we weren’t quite expecting was to be “interviewed” by Lukas. Speaking to him over Skype it very much felt that Lukas was wanting to make sure that we were the sort of wedding that he would like to work at as much as we were wanting to make sure he was the man for the job. It was very reassuring that he was forthcoming about his expectations and how he preferred to work. He expressed to us that it was vital for him to be as involved as possible in the event so that our guests stopped seeing him as the photographer and allowed themselves to relax in his presence. As part of the interview Lukas showed us a presentation of another wedding he had photographed. It goes without saying that we were incredibly moved by what we saw and resolved that Lukas should be our wedding photographer.

My wife and I had been sceptical of having any staged photos taken, as well as about disappearing for a long period of time away from our guests. That said we were both so impressed by his photos, from those that showed both my wife and I preparing for the ceremony and of those of us together immediately after the ceremony. Having worked at the venue previously Lukas had a brilliant knowledge of where he would be able to take stunning photos with minimal staging or artificial posing. By roaming freely throughout the venue he was able to get some unexpectedly brilliant shots, that, while appearing to be staged, absolutely weren’t.

A very special part of what Lukas delivered was a short presentation just before dinner of the photos he had taken throughout the morning. It was amazing to see photos of the ceremony so soon after the event and was a wonderful opportunity to see aspects of the ceremony we had missed. Our guests love being able to see photos of themselves and loved ones, and it was such a moving reminder of the ceremony. Set beautifully to music both my wife and I were unexpectedly moved by what Lukas produced, as were our guests. Being able to see the emotion on the face of my father in law as he walked my wife down the aisle was, for example, something that I and the majority of our guests would not have been aware of during the ceremony. It was wonderful to see Lukas capturing that emotion and bringing it to the fore while the wedding was still in progress.

Throughout the entire wedding Lukas worked tirelessly to ensure that he captured the essence of our wedding. Unlike many wedding photographers I have seen, he dressed smartly and absolutely blended in with all of our guests; the majority of them utterly forgetting he was the photographer. He was a perfect gentleman and at no point interrupted the flow of the wedding. With the wedding now behind us we were absolutely thrilled to receive the wedding album. We were stunned by the beautiful embossed box in which our photos arrived and the high quality book of photos. This was accompanied by two CDs containing the high resolution files and a stunning print of our favourite photo on aluminium. We were initially quite sceptical about this last item as we had never seen an example of it before. What we received was awesome and now hangs proudly on our wall.

We are both so grateful to Lukas for what he has done for us. We are thrilled with the photos he produced for us, and for how he made himself a part of our wedding. It was so important to us that our wedding feel like a family affair that our ceremony was conducted by our brother and sister. Lukas was no exception and he did not feel like a stranger as he moved throughout the wedding. Possibly the highest praise given to Lukas came from my brother, who is also a photographer, who was deeply impressed by the way in which Lukas worked but also by the product that he delivered.
Thank you Lukas for what you have done for us. We could not be happier.
-Sophie & Tom

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

We would like to tell you not one but many many many very sincere and so well deserved thank you!!!

Thanks to you, we've in picture what we really lived and not only images of what happened. You've managed to capture the atmosphere of our special day and every time we look at the photos we can feel again all these emotions! That's such a gift! And most impressively, you’ve made that happen effortlessly with such discretion, professionalism and enthusiasm.

I think everyone of our guests was under your spell after the video projected at the end of the day! We had so many compliments!

With the amazing “Engagement Session” in London few months before the wedding day, we’ve got to know each other a little bit more and you’ve made us feel confortable with your camera and even forget about it!!! (Which was a serious challenge for us!)

And last but not least, we're so grateful for your open mind to our numerous requests.

It was a great pleasure for us to share with you all these moments and if we had to do it all over again, we would, in the blink of an eye, ask you again!

-Cécile & FX

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

Lukas was an absolutely extraordinary wedding photographer!
We're from the US and decided to have a destination wedding in France. Lukas was extremely helpful and accommodating, answering all of our questions promptly and doing multiple Skype calls to discuss our style and what pictures we wanted.
On the day of the wedding, he was so friendly and documented our wedding perfectly. It was a great mix of posed and candid shots - exactly what we wanted!
After the wedding, Lukas was incredibly prompt in getting us the pictures and putting our photo album together.
We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and still love looking at all our pictures of that magical day!

-Holly & Michael

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

First off, this review is long overdue. Sorry Lukas! After getting married (wedding: Chateaux Poitiers, France/ June 2017), life went on and things got busy! Now with the holidays approaching here in the States I figured I must write this before I end up writing a review in 2018! So here goes:

Lukas is different from most photographers in that he captures you at your element. When we spoke to our planner, we requested someone that isn’t all about staged photos. Staged photos are great if you are into them but I can always tell when someone is faking that smile for the camera! We first looked at Lukas’ style online to see what kind of photographer he is and quickly realized he was the one we wanted. All of my pictures were phenomenal! The emotions in each photo are palpable.

Lukas’ photos capture memories and stories – not just pictures with “so and so.” He takes pictures without you noticing and produces incredible skillful art. It’s been roughly four months now since the wedding and as I look through the photos he has taken, I can clearly recall how I felt then and there. His photos are able to bring you back instantaneously.

Let’s talk the technical stuff:

We first Skyped with Lukas to get an even deeper sense of what kind of photographer he is. We knew he took great photos but was he easy to get along with? He was in France and we were in California. Given the time change, he was still able to Skype with us and answered all our questions. He was always readily available to answer any question.

His wedding packages are reasonably priced and he delivers timely exquisite results! He produced a slideshow the DAY OF our wedding during the reception dinner from the pictures he took from the morning. I have never known a photographer to be able to do this artfully DAY OF. Clearly the guy knows what he is doing. Our guests were extremely impressed!

The quality of our big wedding album / little wedding album / USB stick / online pictures are top notch! My in-laws recently came to visit us and could not have been more impressed with the materials used to put the wedding albums together! These are definitely going to be around for a long long time.

In summary: I loved Lukas! My husband and I don’t like staged photos and if you and your partner are the same – he is definitely the one for you! Bisous!

-Jasmine & Matan

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