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London, United Kingdom Wedding Photographer - Kari Bellamy Photography

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I’m Kari and although I speak with a bit of a ‘yank’ accent, I’m a London-based wedding photographer. I work with brides and grooms that are passionate about their wedding photography, helping them in any way I can to ensure they are going to throw an amazing party for their family and friends. 

I like images that show emotion and aren’t too stiff. I’ll do a little bit of posing as I want you to be in the right light that’s flattering. I want you to laugh and smile and enjoy each other.

The core images that make up my portfolio are the dramatic couple shots that I do in probably 20-30 minutes in a wedding day. Throughout the rest of the day, I love capturing the moments that are happening. I’m aware of how my presence may affect a moment so sometimes I am a ninja, and sometimes I need to encourage the interaction to get the most out of it. I am relaxed, but I still pursue the images I really want to get. I like talking to wedding guests and helping them feel comfortable. I like having a good time myself and I know how I appear on the day can affect the vibe of the wedding.

I love a good challenge. I like nailing the the shot that I thought would be impossible, I like being helpful on the wedding day, I like giving the family a family picture that will live on as apart of their family legacy. I really like getting that glimpse into the lives of others and seeing how many awesome people are out in the world.

If I sound like your cup of tea, and you’d like me to photograph your lovely faces, get in touch! 

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