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Brescia, Italy Wedding Photographer
Brescia, Italy Wedding Photographer - Giorgio Baruffi fotografia

Giorgio Baruffi fotografia

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Here I’m…

What I love to do when I am not holding my cameras (in random order):

I love cooking, so I like to watch all the tv shows that talk about food (from Masterchef to The Cake Boss…)

I love reading, so I read many books, of various kinds, from historical novels (I love the Middle Ages) to the biographies of the people I follow (chefs, photographers, reporters and so on …)

I love traveling, however, unfortunately or fortunately, I no longer have the time to do it

I love to stay with my wife, Francesca, it is it also through his continuous support that I do this job with passion, she encourages me, she gives me advice, she criticizes my work. I like to share with her what I do with so much passion.

I love to play with my hairy dog, a female Golden Retrivier, that is like my daughter.


I believe that every wedding has it’s own unique energy and rhythm.

I love working unobtrusively to capture natural and vibrantly alive images of your wedding day as it unfolds, I work hard behind the scenes to make sure that no detail goes unnoticed, all this to produce fine-art images that are honest, touching, and truly captivating.

I try to bring a fresh perspective when I come to documenting your special day, I prefer to let the day’s events take place naturally, trying to always be ready to capture them in real time, occasionally I like to create a little fun involving couples and / or guests in photographs unexpected, witty and funny.

However, for most of the day, I try to stay “in the background”, as a silent observer, paying great attention to the interaction genuine and sincere ready to capture them. and I believe that it is an honor for me to tell your story.

Although I'm located in Brescia, I will travel anywhere to photograph your wedding.



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