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Spring 2016
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I studied Management at Economics Academy of Bucharest, but after that I considered it wasn’t one of my goals in life. So I’ve decided to find my path going to study Journalism at Valachia Univerisity of Targoviste. That’s all I wanted since I was a child. Passionate storytelling, I have worked for some romanian media companies and in the same time I have managed several blogs. Meanwhile I met some quality people and I started to get involved in two online gaming projects. In late 2009, I met Gabriela (my partener since then) and once I met her I found my passion for photography. In early 2010, I grabbed the first professional camera and since then I have not let it go. My goal is to present you the best story you can have! Nice to meet you my friends!

People lover and in a continuous search of good light, right timing and emotions I’ve found, since 2010, that one of the things without I cannot live and breathe is wedding photography. I belive that my work demands a strong dedication to quality and a deep understanding of each bride and groom needs. Coming from the journalism side I am more into not interfering in my clients actions and I like to be as discreet as I can , but I also love the good looking portraits and formals.

In my five years career as a wedding photographer I have been awarded by some of the most important wedding photography communities: eleven times awarded by Fearless Photographers and reached the 2014 top 50 wedding photographers in the world, eight times present in the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers awarded categories, winner of the fifth collection of Wedding Photography Select and MyWed 2014’s finalist.


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