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Moscow, Russia Wedding Photographer
Moscow, Russia Wedding Photographer - Igor Gerasimchuk

Igor Gerasimchuk

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Summer 2015
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Photographer - it is always a certain inherent impossibility of indifference to environmental picture of the world, a sense of the fabric of life through light, shadow, texture. I like to look at the world through the lens, then everything crumbles into thousands of frames, each of which - as proof that I am alive


Igor Gerasimchuk, Moscow, Russia

Photos are one of the most important wedding things, because they’ll be with you whole life. 
Igor not just making photos, he creating masterpiece. Without any doubt it’s a real talent! 
I’m glad that we’ve choose Igor as our wedding photographer, because photos that we’ve got are amazing, you want to look at them again and again. 
Igor, thank you so much!


Igor Gerasimchuk, Moscow, Russia

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to our photographers!
Igor was probably the third person I contacted after Darius proposed 😅 I knew he's the only photographer on Earth I could trust our wedding to. And it so hapenned that his friend and colleague Egor had finished a wedding shoot nearby just a couple days before our big day so he joined in for the fun of it.
After the wedding itself we embarked on a 2 day journey to the heart of Tuscany to get some love story shots. And even though the weather got moody and rainy when we arrived - the images turned out absolutely stunning 😍
Thank you so much, guys 🙌🏼 for the beautiful memories of our wedding day and beyond ✨

Darius & Maria

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