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Tomas Loutocky - wedding photography

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What I like on weddings are the emotions, the people, the unique moments. I love when I can feel the actual atmosphere of the day beating underneath the picture. I like it much better than a technical perfection. In five, ten or twenty years later I want you to look at my photographs and recall exactly the moment - how you laughed when your wedding rings had fallen into grass during the ceremony (my own wedding :)) or how you cried while dancing with your father…

I have no need to take an epic shot at all costs. I prefer when you spend your wedding day surrounded by your family and friends rather than to plod with you somewhere to the top of the mountain to get a „great” picture of you in sunset which is nevertheless forced and out of the context of the whole day.

My style is report-like with aspiration for light and color luster that I carry about from the world of commercial photography which I also like to follow. By „report-like“ I mean trying to capture the moment as it is. I really like fine art film aproach. I try not to interfere with the course of the event but to be an easy and natural ingredient, to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The only part of the day I am about to organize is the portrait shooting of the newly married couple. I am aware that in front of my object lens there are no experienced models and thus I am gladly ready to help you with posing and picking out the right location so the pictures look ingenuously and relaxed.

I am able take only a limited number of reservations each year. I do not want to shoot weddings like a running belt but instead I want to devote each wedding with 100% of my concentration and energy while still having enough free weekends in summer with my family.

Hopefully this web page might help you to envision my personality or you can meet me at my studio or call me to get even more precise vision of me and my work. I am much better at taking photographs than at writing so please see the references below for some nice words my clients had said about their experience with me.

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