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HI my friend

I'm from Taiwan. you can call me  ERIC LIN。

I am a full-time wedding photographer. I have done more than hundred wedding photography ; also I have aproved by ISPWP as a international professional wedding photographer. I specializes in creative documetary wedding photography. I am dedicated to provideing you photographs that will blow your mind, make your parents proud and your friends jealous. If you like my photo style, I will deliver amazing photographs to your lovely memories. Please leave a message or your e-mail, I will contact you as soon as possible.!


Hsiao Wei Lin, Taipei, Taiwan

Seize the happy moment Siaowei

Married more than a month

Because the choice of marriage and her husband had taken and headache

Fortunately, karma found in most professional "J-love" team

Let us put down a large stone heart

After the wedding my husband and close friends and family have been looking forward to be able to quickly see the day's record

After seeing photos of the finished product when the wedding record

Recall day moving parts are still in the process of a throbbing heart

Thanks to wedding photography - Siaowei

In our most important moment accurately capture every moment of happiness

My friends are very happy to praise the day of the photo looks really okay

Letting everyone immersed in an atmosphere of joy sweet day

Thank you, J-Love wedding photography - Siaowei to help us keep the best move

Hsiao Wei Lin, Taipei, Taiwan

We strongly recommend handsome photographer ~ Siaowei

His humor makes us the couple will not be so nervous

His field of expertise combined with light

Taken out of the picture so we feel very natural

Although he has been busy all day

He came to help us take pictures from Miaoli

But he is still very serious photographed every part of our picture

Absolutely not sloppy

Sense Xie Xiaowei photographer

Let us stay with the most beautiful memories

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