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Warsaw, Poland Wedding Photographer
Warsaw, Poland Wedding Photographer - Paweł Słowik fotografia

Paweł Słowik fotografia

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Photography is my greatest passion, a way of perceiving the world and a way of retaining it for the upcoming generations.  I am a person whose job is to make people happy by catching the transience of the moment, which after many years will allow them to go back to the emotions immortalized in the photographs. It does not matter whether I take photos of the newlyweds, the betrothed couple, parents, children or a pregnant woman - I always do my best to catch the beauty and feelings which are inside all of us. Retaining the most important moments of your life in the photographs, and the way you participate in them, is for me the greatest happiness, for which I  thank you by giving you back these wonderful and full of emotions photographs - photographs which will remain with you forever. 


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