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We are Maria and Fábio Azanha, husband and wife team of Portugal wedding photographers, based in Lisbon.We´ve been internationally recognized and awarded, and have been blessed to have  photographed weddings across Europe and Brazil- Fábio´s native country. We take a great care and dedication in each and every wedding we shoot, and our photography style is a fushion of photojournalism, portraiture and artistic creativity. If you are planning to have a destination wedding in Portugal we would love to hear from you.


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Fabio Azanha, Lisbon, Portugal

Oh, how lucky we were to have stumbled upon Maria and Fabio! One look at their stunning portfolio and we were completely captivated! True to their style, our wedding photos were breathtakingly beautiful! Vivid expressions, rich colors, innocent smiles and silent thoughts - they unintrusively captured every wonderful moment of our day. They are a great team together, complementing each other, very endearing and yet very professional. Thank you, Maria and Fabio, for gifting us such indelible memories of our wedding day!

Fabio Azanha, Lisbon, Portugal

How fortunate to have found you Maria and Fábio! Our wedding had two parts, a day of Indian celebrations and another with the civil ceremony. When we had the great luck to meet you, we felt a strong chemistry, and also strong conviction that we had found the ideal photographers for our wedding. The fact that we changed the first party date to fit into your busy schedule, should  give you an idea of just how much we liked you. We really wanted our wedding to tell a story ! And we had  you exceeded all our expectations. The photos are pure art! I was a model for a few years, so  I met some good photographers ... and I can say that your photos of our wedding are the most beautiful I've seen. It was a great pleasure to witness your skils being put into practice! Thank you Maria and Fabio!

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