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Fine Art Wedding is a creative philosophy expressing itself in pictures that will never age, as they shun conventions and seize feelings at their most vivid.


Luca Cappellaro, Rome, Italy

“You had us from the first meeting with you, asking all the right questions and making us feel very comfortable. We wanted something different and felt like you listened and understood our vision and provided a perfectly personalized services for our wedding. We really felt as if it was tailor made and anything but standard or traditional. What I loved most was the movement in the photos. You captured expressions, emotions, moods, not just moments. The chaos, the light, and the feel of the wedding was translated into photographs. Looking at the photos was almost like watching a movie because of the motion and movement captured in each one. During the wedding, I almost felt like you weren't there which made things much more natural, especially given I am camera shy. Nothing was forced, which I realize made it more difficult for you as photographers but made us enjoy our night while still being able to treasure printed memories. I would recommend Fine Art Wedding to any couple! The final products are not your typical wedding photos but as the name states, fine art!"

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