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Bogota, Colombia Wedding Photographer
Bogota, Colombia Wedding Photographer - Dino Gomez Photography

Dino Gomez Photography

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I specialize in Photographing Weddings

I'm Dino Gomez, Wedding Photographer, with over 700 documented events experience, I focus in capturing stunningly beautiful pictures on your Dream Wedding, in an organic fashion and with a documentary style I can highlight the stories, emotions and moments unfolding around you.


I am drawn by the uniqueness of each couple, the enormous joy of two families celebrating together as one and the sparkling happiness of your friends walking by your side.

I look for fun, outgoing, adventurous and creative couples wanting to have priceless photographs taken on their wedding day by a professional photographer.


The real secret to my wedding photography is love.

Not the fancy gear I use, nor the several hours I spend training or at workshops keeping up with the new trends. Not even the solid technique acquired over the years. But the profound love you feel for each other and how you express it as well as the  love I feel for what I do. It is a deep satisfaction, knowing that my artistry has filled with love & care, each one of the hundreds of homes it lives in today.

That's my secret.


I am very fortunate to work with amazing people at some spectacular locations around the world, I am devoted to my clients, and always go all out on any given assignment, striving to craft images that speak by themselves and tell the developing story of your wedding day, through gorgeous, engaging and whimsical photographs that portray a unique moment in your life, filled with real emotions from the people you care and love the most in this world, pictures you will cherish forever, starring you and the love of your life.

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