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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer - Daniel Moyer Photography

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I am an outgoing, driven, high energy, newly married, smitten husband to my amazing, book-nerd, analytical, gorgeous, math-loving, super supportive wife. We are beginning to spread our roots in a small suburb just outside Philadelphia. We love our 100 year old home and all its quirks, hosting a good party, the beach, reading together, and eating at Olive Garden way too often.

I photograph weddings locally in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, New York City, and New Jersey. Weddings have taken me all over the country from Cape Cod, MA to Savannah, GA and Baltimore, MD to Boulder, CO. I’ve also photographed weddings internationally in Germany, Jamaica, and Mexico, many of which you’ll see in my galleries!

When you’re there in the thick of it all – admiring your ring sliding on your finger, your college cronies setting the dance floor on fire, uncle Bill’s Elvis impression – it’s a good thing you’ve got someone who is just as excited to be there as you are.

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