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Goa, India Wedding Photographer
Goa, India Wedding Photographer - Sephi Bergerson

Sephi Bergerson

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Sephi is a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in India since 2002. He was a commercial photographer in Israel for more than 10 years, before he moved to India in early 2002 with his wife, their 10-months-old baby, four bags and very little money to follow his dream of becoming a documentary photographer.

Sephi only got into wedding photography when he started working on his book: ‘Behind The Indian Veil – A Journey Through Weddings in India’ (To be published in 2015) in October 2007. Working on this book, he’s arguably witnessed and documented a larger variety of Indian weddings than any other person on Earth.

Sephi is available for a small number of wedding photography assignments every year. He devotes extreme care and attention to each couple with whom he works and gets to know them as a friend. Sephi will work with you to develop photography services that will truly reflect who you are as a couple and what your day will be.

Please visit the main website for more of Sephi’s documentary photography, and the dedicated website for wedding photography.


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