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Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer - Unique Concepts Studio

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Unique Concepts Studio Inc., consists of me and a set of top-notch assistants (sometimes including college interns) and talented second photographers (on call, when and as needed). Always a team effort, we value and strive to exemplify, a highly creative, professional, and collaborative ethos as we capture each event.

At UCS, we believe that every wedding involves:

OUR JOB, and humble honor, is to see and capture all of it, as exhaustively, sensitively, humorously, artfully, meticulously, and unobtrusively, as possible.

Words can’t express how much I love this work or the tremendous pleasure and sense of accomplishment our teams feel when we capture the little and big moments of your event as they magically, and uniquely, unfold. 

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