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Charleston, West Virginia, United States Wedding Photographer
Charleston, West Virginia, United States Wedding Photographer - The Oberports

The Oberports

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The Oberports (Emily Porter & Bobby Oberlander) are a married full-time international award-winning wedding photography team based in Charleston West Virginia. They also shoot in Massachusetts a few times a year while visiting family in the warmer months. The Oberports love showing off the beautiful state of West Virginia whenever they can and are drawn to non-traditional weddings & elopements. Their couples know them as easygoing, professional, and highly experienced photographers who focus on candid documentation and classic, cinematic portraiture. 



Emily Porter, Charleston, West Virginia, United States

The Oberports are amazing photographers, fun people, and now our friends (at least we think so- ha!). They are always super responsive, quick with advice, and calm in a crazy moment.

When my dress zipper broke an hour before the ceremony, Emily was positive and calming and did what she could to help my mom sew over the zipper. That is another thing- they aren't just photographers, they end up being a second and third pair of hands, confidants, and general badass, take-control kinda folks. They will make sure your grandparents are minimally inconvenienced for family photos and somehow are take-control but also very sweet while doing so.

The Oberports are the real deal!

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