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I started this business in the year 2000 at the right time because there weren't any other digital photo studios at that time. And I built my first studio behind my parents shop for 2 years.

To me photographers must have a studio, so I rented more space at Marina Plaza for around 6 years after that I moved to Bahu Mall for 3 years and now I have my own building with the big studios inside.

Overall, I've photographed around 2000 couples for their wedding and for the family photo, I've photographed about 1000 families.
My style is Simple, Classic and Eternity.
I've done all different kinds of photographs these past 15 years included the international travel wedding photo sessions in Hongkong, Macau, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Paris and London.

We've never stopped innovating because I believe that we need to learn about photography all our life.

Every year we make a new trend and new concepts.
We are the trend setter in the city of Manado.

We are a company that enjoys our career.


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