New Zealand Wedding Photographers Binh Trinh And Lin Zhao | An ISPWP Member Spotlight

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Denver, Colorado, United States Photographer 503-317-2215

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For today’s ISPWP member spotlight, we feature New Zealand wedding photographers Binh Trinh and Lin Zhao who own TZ Studios. They are currently the only New Zealand based photographers who have been accepted into the ISPWP.

Photographer Contact Information

Denver, Colorado, United States Photographer 503-317-2215

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Welcome to the exclusive TZ-Studios, a new boutique photography studio that specializes in high end and fine art wedding, portrait and nudes photography.

TZ-Studios was formed by the husband and wife team of Binh Trinh and Lin Zhao, both of whom are international award winning photographers. We have clients all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, America and even Barbados. And now, we are so excited to introduce our services to Dalian and China.

We are a super duper happily in love team of husband and wife, Binh and Lin. Now that we are married, we do feel more emotionally attached to each wedding job as we have a greater understanding of the exciting, anxiety, and of course the love on the day.

2008 International Portrait of the Year and the People’s Choice Award (IAA)
2008 WPPI Premiere Grand Award (WPPI, US)
2009 International Animals Portrait of the Year (WPPI, US)
2009 Winner of the International Imaging Competition
2010 Winner of the prestigious Spotlight awards, one of only 30 given worldwide by B&W Magazine
Over 200 Awards Worldwide and Published in various international photography and fine art magazines

How did you get your start and why did you chose wedding photography as a career?

After I finished my PhD in 2006, I accidentally stumbled across photography as my brother’s desperately needed someone to take photos of their wedding three weeks out from the big day. After a crazy two days full of ceremonies and 6500 images, I quickly discovered my hidden talent. I have pursued wedding photography ever since and cannot be happier with my life. I consider myself to be a happy person and wedding photography just allows me to simply be myself. I love joking around with my clients and sharing a great day with them. A wedding is just too long not to have fun.

How has your extensive experience in wedding photography helped you in difficult circumstances on a wedding day?

The biggest thing I have learned from the last 4 years is to remain calm, confident and in control as everyone looks to me in difficult circumstances. I guess I am just lucky to be a Leo with built in natural charm and leadership, not to mention the desire to smile.

Tell us about some of the more unique weddings you’ve shot.

The Barbados wedding is certainly up there. I flew into China about one week before having to fly to Barbados via New York. The long trip was exhausting. Thankfully I gave myself plenty of time to recover from the severe jet lag. The different culture and scenery were a big shock. In addition, the clients were Nigerian and thus added an extra dimension to the job. Overall, it was an eye opening experience and certainly one that I cannot wait to repeat.

What advice would you give a bride who is looking for a wedding photographer?

Please, please, find someone you can get along with and share a few laughs with on the day. When you look back at your images, you want to have the precious memories to go with them. The rest will fall into place.

What’s your favorite part of the wedding day to photograph?

For me, I love capturing those small but significant moments that make each wedding unique, from a bored page boy, to a nervous groomsmen, to crazy stunts by the groomsmen.

What kinds of weddings do you love to photograph?

Size definitely does not matter. For me, I just love happy and relaxing weddings. Its always about the experience, from the day of the proposal, right up to the last minute of the evening, its all about the experience. Things will go wrong, people will be late.

What are your top tips for brides to help them get great photos on their wedding day?

Relax, and just let all things go and allow yourself a chance to enjoy your big day. Feel the love for each other and freely express your emotions. This is why it’s so important to choose a photographer you can feel comfortable with.

How important is it to hire an experienced wedding photographer?

This is certainly an easy question to answer. An experienced photographer is more than just about where and how to take pictures, but also how to handle and deal with everyone at the wedding to ensure the clients have the best time possible. The beautiful images just go without saying.

What do you find is the biggest challenge in wedding photography?

There will always something that will go wrong on any wedding day. The toughest job is to calm the clients to allow them to relax and enjoy the day. I always believe that if I can catch the natural smile of my clients, they will always be happy. Thus, my job is to make them happy, no matter what happen.

Do you do “destination weddings?” If so, what are your favorite destinations?

I have been lucky to have done a few destination weddings, from China, to Australia to Barbados. So far, Barbados has certainly been my favorite location. How many people can say they have been to one of the world top 10 beaches?

What do you do for fun when you’re not shooting weddings?

Practice photography, of course. I will never stop learning and evolving.

How would you describe your style of photography?

This is probably the hardest question to answer. I love capturing my client’s personality, priceless moments, and create beautiful art work during the portrait sessions for my clients to cherish and show off to their family and friends. Lets just say, my style.

What do you offer to clients that is unique? What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

Simply my contagious laugh. It may not be the prettiest laughter in the world, but its enough to make everyone relax and enjoy the day. Its always weird to hear my laughter in the video along with my clients and their friends and families. I guess I should also mention my award winning images and albums as well, and my vision as an artist.

Do you offer albums? If so, describe the albums you offer and why you think it’s important to provide albums.

For me, album is about telling a story. Album is a piece of art, not just a book to stick pictures in. My albums have won awards in New Zealand as well as in the USA. I only believe it offering art work and high end quality work to my clients so that they feel proud to show off their memories.

How would you describe the current state of the wedding photography industry, and where do you think wedding photography is headed in the years to come?

Wedding photography is slowly being turned into a commodity market, where only the price matters. It is therefore important for serious photographers to separate themselves from the pack, and to show potential clients that their services are more than just pressing buttons. I believe that there will be more ordinary photographers saturating the market. At the same, I think this will make it easier for high end artists to differentiate themselves from the pack and allow discerning clients to make easier choices.

What (or who) inspires you?

I find inspirations from people who appreciate life, from the little moments, to the grandest of dreams. Life is too short to take it for granted, and yet so many of us do. I always try to live life to its fullest and I want my photography to capture everything I love about life, from intimate moments to crazy laughter.

What’s the best photography-related advice you’ve been given?

“You make a living by what you take, but you make a life by what you give” – Winston Churchill.

I heard this quote at a business networking event and it really helped me to realize that photography is a privilege, a gift that has been given to me, to allow me to share with others. By giving my photography service to charity, I will always continue grow as a person and as an artist.

What would you say was the biggest reason for your success?

Firstly is that I want to be friends with all of my clients. I want to be a part of the big day, not just as another vendor. I love getting hugs and have wonderful conversations with strangers at weddings.

Secondly, I always try to be better every day. I enter in lots of competitions, and have been lucky to have won so many awards. However, I always want to try something new, push my skills and more importantly, my vision. After all, I am an artist.

What future plans do you have for your business for the next year?

I will aim to increase my international reputation as an artist and wedding photographer and travel the world and share my passions with clients to share my visions. Did I mention I love meeting new people and making friends all over the world?

What is the biggest challenge facing wedding photographers today?

With the affordability of cameras, the market is over saturated with over ambitious amateurs who need and want quick cash jobs. The clients will be confused with the vast range of prices and quality. With the downturn in the economy, prices will play a significant part and the quality of wedding photography will no doubt suffer. Potential clients may also turn to their families and friends for help with photography and thus further contribute to the false expectations of future brides in regards to prices and quality.

Photographers must continue to push themselves to be master of their skills in terms of photography and business. I believe the high end photographers will be better than before as wedding photography continues to evolve, while low end photography will continue to get worse.

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