Should You Include Pets In Your Wedding Photos?

Posted by Admin on July 7th 2017

People are crazy about their four-legged furbabies, so it’s only natural that many brides and grooms want their pets to be part of their wedding day.  We’ve shared amazing photos of pets at weddings by ISPWP photographers that captured this unique love between owner and pet at a wedding. But what about the logistics of it all? Is it difficult to have your pet in your professional wedding photos?

Talk to Your Photographer
While your photographer doesn’t have to be animal savvy, it’s good practice to make sure that they are at least amenable to taking photos of your animal on the day. If they dislike animals, are fearful of them or allergic, it’s best not to find that out on your wedding day. Animals are difficult to photograph and take special skills and extra time to capture their unique personalities. Wedding days go quickly and animals, like small children, have a way of deciding to not cooperate at the very worst time. If this is a concern, consider having your pet in your engagement session or a couple session after the wedding.

Keep Your Expectations Low
If your dog is a couch potato who loves belly rubs and watching TV, putting him in a tux on a hot day and expecting him to parade happily down an aisle of spectators is unrealistic. Remember that animals are not people, and they can’t be reasoned with.  When emotions are high, and conditions are unfamiliar, most animals won’t act themselves, even ones that are well-trained.  Keeping it simple for them is the key to not stressing them too much. It also increases the chance that the photos your photographer can get portray their personality.
Invest in a Handler
If having professional wedding photos of your pet is important to you, then do the legwork before the wedding. Hire someone who is versed in training to be your handler for the day. They can work with your pet before the wedding, so they are familiar with them and help acclimate them to the different scenarios during the wedding day. They can carry treats, water, wipe muddy paws and take them home when the time comes. Best of all, you won’t be asking a friend or family member to miss out on parts of your wedding because they are with the animal.

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Photo Credit:  Photo-4u

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