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Three Examples of Modern Wedding Album Design

ISPWP members are known for their world class wedding photography, but they are also on the cutting edge of how those photographs are presented in the final album. In years past, your only option may have been a white “faux leather” album with an oval cutout on the cover, with a series of 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10 prints matted and mounted inside the album. Matted albums are still available, but many photographers also offer more flexible design options with flushmount albums, where the entire page is a photographic print with one or more images creatively designed on the page.

ISPWP photographers contributed to this article by providing three examples of modern wedding album design, and how they approach the layout and presentation of the wedding album.

Modern Wedding Album Design #1

Britney Gardner | Turn Loose The Art | Portland, Oregon wedding photographer

I suppose what makes album designing unique at Turn Loose the Art is that no two designs are alike. To start, I don’t use templates. I create each spread as I move through the story of the wedding day. As for how I design, I use Photoshop, as it has always offered the most creativity with the fewest limitations. When I say no two albums are alike, I mean that I like to customize my design style to the wedding I’m working on. Since some weddings are very simple and all about the emotion, I create a simple, clean design to showcase that. Some weddings are all about the details and luxury, and I create a frilly design drawing from the colors of the day. I like to tell clients that I pay attention at their wedding for not just what’s going on around me, but how it feels, since I want to translate that feeling into their album later.

This wedding included so many brilliant colors and textures, and I wanted to portray that in the album.

wedding album colors

This wedding had bold, red accents. The bride’s wedding dress even had a large red satin color block at the bust. That’s where my inspiration for the red color blocks came from!

wedding album accents

Oftentimes, the contents of the wedding images themselves are so elaborate, I just step back and let the images spill over the spreads. Nothing but a simple, clean design will do in these cases.

wedding album accents

For more album design inspiration, visit Willow Album Design.

Britney Gardner | Turn Loose The Art | Portland, Oregon wedding photographer

Modern Wedding Album Design #2

Michelle Ross | Under Grace Photo | Saint Louis, Missouri wedding photographer

In 2008 I took a unique approach to Wedding Album Design, thanks in great part to advice from Kevin Swan. Four to five days after the wedding date, the couple gets a link to a fully custom album design in the form of an online slideshow. Guests also have access to the this show’s web address via complimentary cards available at the wedding reception in a stack next to the same-day slideshow we discreetly have running at the gift table.

All design is done in Adobe InDesign- each album from scratch. I personally choose the most powerful images from the wedding gallery and I storyboard the album on scratch paper the Monday morning after the wedding. My assistant comes in the next day to digitally translate the storyboards into album designs. I have three basic page types: 1) The Stunner, 2) The Classic Design and 3) The Tetris

1) The Stunner (below) is a one-image, full page spread. These are loosely scattered across the design to give a breath of fresh air to the viewer. Emotionally powerful, dynamically lit horizontal images work best in this design.

wedding album full page spread

2) The Classic Design (below) is most common. Images fall in categories of Dominant, Sub-dominant and Accent design roles. Simply composed vertical images work best as the Dominant full page image, with the Sub-Dominant and Accent roles appropriately falling to supporting images.

wedding album full page spread

3) The Tetris (below) is the least used design in our workflow. It works beautifully with images that have more impact in concert than solo- like the reception dance floor or the receiving line. I highly recommend researching modular design to create this successfully.

wedding album full page spread

Michelle Ross | Under Grace Photo | Saint Louis, Missouri wedding photographer

Modern Wedding Album Design #3

Joseph C Dallas | jk Dallas Photography | Columbus, Georgia wedding photographer

It’s no secret that wedding photography has changed a lot in the last ten years. In fact, the change has been monumental. Not only are the products and services that we provide completely different than a decade ago, even the medium by which we record images has, for most of us, undergone a complete switch. The digital age of photography has also brought along a ton of options that are now available to us as photographers and our clients.

The wedding album is no exception. It has long been, shall we say, stagnate. Not because of lack of ambition or vision on the photographers part, but mostly due to the limitations presented by technology. For years we had paper prints in a matted album. End of story. Then came the flushmount album. No longer was the print in the matte. The entire page was the print. The doors blew open; imaginations were sparked. Now we suddenly had the ability to design wedding albums with few restraints on our ideas.

Like many industries, wedding photography has undergone and is still undergoing an overuse syndrome with technology. When digital photography and Photoshop hit the mainstream it reminded me of what happened to sci-fi movies when technology took its first huge leap forward. Previously, sci-fi makers had to really work hard to make a movie entertaining with good plot lines, scripts, and acting. We sat around and watched The Twilight Zone because it was interesting and well done, even though the special effects were sub par by today’s standards. Suddenly, no longer hamstrung by technology, these movie makers had the power to make amazing special effects, and guess what? The movie quality was sacrificed at the altar of “neat” effects. So enters the era of digital camera, Photoshop, and flushmount albums.

We now have the digital tools to make you look true-to-life, complete with normal skin tones, natural vivid colors, and human-like features. OR, we can give you alien orange skin, take away every last wrinkle and Photoshop the image to oblivion and back making it barely an image anymore, but rather more of a satirical version of the original image.

Flushmount albums suffer(ed) from the same malady of digital gluttony. Initially a lot of us completely misused our newly found creative energy and forgot about what made albums so appealing. We would select the exact teal color from the bridesmaids’ dresses and use it randomly to outline an image of the bride and groom. Or, we would use that color as the background color throughout the entire album. We would go overboard with color grids, drop shadows, key lines…sometimes all on the same page. Why, you might ask? Because we could, that’s why.

Ok, ok. We all get it. When it comes to the creative process, any creative process, the results can be brilliant, mediocre, or terrible.

So what exactly is good modern wedding album design? Here is my take:

Good album design is clean, simple, and easy on the eyes. Our goal is to create something that you pour over, a visual screenplay of your wedding. We want it to help you relive the whole day, devoid of crazy effects, design tricks and visual antics. Not to say that we never use graphic elements, but we treat them more like garlic, a little bit goes a long way. We want your album to look amazing and modern the day you take it home and when the grandkids dig it out for your 50th anniversary.

We typically start off with an introductory cinematic type image. In this case the Bride and Groom chose to use this as their albums’ cover image. The image is encased in transparent acrylic and gives an amazing first impression.

wedding album cover image

Similar to cinema, we next start introducing the main characters. The “Players” if you will. We intentionally shoot the guys in a manner that will flow well on an album page.

groom and groomsmen

Most of the time, for both the ceremony and reception, we put in a page that gives a sense of place to showcase the venue and details. After all, you paid for them.

wedding venue and wedding details

All movies contain pivotal scenes that signal a change in action and movement. We emphasize that with full spreads of fun, impacting images. Usually these spreads are images of our couples. We use left to right composition frequently to make the spreads more visually pleasing. And yes, some might question this as wasteful misuse of a page. But this spread is about nothing else but these two beautiful people and how much they love each other and sometimes an image deserves its very own place in your album. Relish it.

bride and groom

full page spread

We also give thought to how the images are arranged and the size of each image. Sometimes, we will use negative space in the design to emphasize important images.

wedding album design negative space

None of our albums are complete without some romantic night time portraits of our brides and grooms.

romantic night time portrait of bride and groom

And finally, in all its glory, a dramatic finish.

last page in wedding album

For us, the album is the finished product. Fortunately, we put a lot of thought into the album while we’re shooting. Because of this, choosing images for albums is usually a no-brainer.

What can be a daunting task for both us and our clients is working out the details of the wedding album. Black leather or Espresso? Silver embossing or gold? Rounded or square corners? Want gilding on the edges? Hey, how about we scratch all those choices and etch your image in metal for your album cover? You want an image to be covered by a piece of wavy, semi transparent glass to add mystery? Covered in cloth to match your IKEA throw pillows? You want a hologram to pop up when you open the first page? Well, that’s not available yet. But I’m sure someone is working on it.

Of all the vendors involved in your wedding, we have a heavier, long-term responsibility. Modern wedding album design has made us move beyond a random collection of images into the realm of visual storytelling. Our resolve is to design albums that tastefully represent you and showcase our work. Of course, staying modern and tasteful is a moving target. A moving target that requires a constant watchful eye toward the goal of self improvement.

Joseph C Dallas | jk Dallas Photography | Columbus, Georgia wedding photographer

Looking for an experienced, talented wedding photographer for your wedding? Find your photographer on the ISPWP Wedding Photographer Directory.

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  1. amanda says:

    As a bride i found this article SO INTERESTING! Thank you!

  2. yang says:

    Nice designs, I am a freelance graphic designer specializing on wedding album designs.

  3. Shane says:

    Nice post – I also design albums, & sometimes wish I was there to shoot those ‘missing’ pieces that you are clearly thinking about.

  4. such a timely thing finding this post as I am right in the process of moving away from full bleed pages with overlaps to negative space albums with classic designs.

    great post


  5. Luciana Nogueira says:

    I married last here and I’m going to design my wedding album alone. I was looking for design ideas and certanly find more then samples here, I found great ideas. Thanks for the excellent post!!!

  6. Brian says:

    You designs are great and very inspiring!!

  7. ramyad says:

    The red design is wonderful and I love the idea of the Tetris Design. These are really great examples. How long does it take to put these custom designs together though? And do you include a limit in the number of redesigns after comments from the couple? I’m finding that it can take weeks and I don’t have this cost in my price as it varies by couple.

  8. saleem says:

    its very nice & creative designs…

  9. arjun says:

    hi,your designing are great.i am a wedding photographer in india.i want to design albums from.kindly let me know if we can work together.???

  10. Pikartz says:

    really very nice article …..thanks

  11. Tony Sale says:

    Hi, I have recently become a wedding photographer. Up to now I have only sold lose print or boxed packages however I am just about to design my first album and I found this really useful.

    Thank you.


  12. Joe Milton says:

    Good luck with your first album. If you need design help, there are lots of good design services out there such as

  13. Brendan says:

    Does anyone know what that font is for ” Robyn & Chase “?


  14. Joe Milton says:

    Hi Brendan,

    Your best bet is probably to contact jk Dallas Photography who created the album. The link to the website is in the article.

  15. Brendan says:

    Oh yeh of course, thanks for that Joe

  16. Shane says:

    Looks like Copperplate Gothic Bold…

  17. Brendan says:

    I think you’re right! Thanks heaps!!

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