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Bucharest Wedding Photographer | Relu Calota | Photography Studio

Relu Calota is listed in: Romania Wedding Photographers | United Kingdom | Italy | Spain | Greece

Relu Calota | Photography Studio | Bucharest, Romania wedding photographer Relu Calota | Photography Studio
website | blog | email | +40 723 214 869
Home Location: Bucharest, Romania wedding photographer
Also Serving: Anywhere in Europe.
Description: In this day, you will pass without notice from one a state to another, you will tremble of emotion, you will laugh or cry of joy, you will believe that is not true what is happening to you, you will want that this will never end…
You can’t stop the time, but will stick forever with the memories of this day. With the pictures…
I want you to remember the wedding day in a way that art and reality are in unison.
Style: My style is simple, real, a documentary-photojournalist for real couples which have the power to accept sincere pictures, that will show the real feelings of the wedding day. I don’t like the photo sessions.
Starting Price: €800
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