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Paraná Wedding Photographers, Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá

Paraná wedding photographers in Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá.
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Local Paraná Wedding Photographers

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andress ribeiro - wedding photographer | Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brazil Wedding Photographer andress ribeiro - wedding photographer
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 45 3027-5491
Home Location: Foz do Iguacu, Paraná, Brazil wedding photographer
Also Serving: Paraná, all Brazilian cities and worldwide destinations.
Description: Sou um capturador de almas que sonham! Um fotógrafo de casamentos. De pessoas. Registro instantes que nunca se repetem, mas que podem ser guardados para sempre!
Style: My style of photography is photojournalism, registering love stories of couples in love in a simple, beautiful and happily way , with emotions, tears, smiles and hugs.
Starting Price: R$ 5.000
André Martins | V2 Fotografia | Curitiba, Brazil wedding photographer V2 Fotografia
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 55 41 9699.8027
Address: Av. Cândido de Abreu, 776 - Centro Cívico, Curitiba, Paraná, 80530-000, Brazil
Home Location: Curitiba, Brazil wedding photographer
Also Serving: All the other Brazilian cities and worldwide destinations.
Description: Atendemos todo o Brasil. Para mais informações entre em contato e solicite nossa proposta.
Style: Photojournalistic style.
Starting Price: $2350 US
Andrea Paccini - Produções Fotográficas | Curitiba Brasil wedding photographer Andrea Paccini - Produções Fotográficas
website | email | details-gallery | + 55 41 8477.3646
Home Location: Curitiba, Brasil wedding photographer
Also Serving: Travel to all Brazil and worldwide
Description: "Everything in the viewfinder will be in the photograph, and all of it has a reason to be there."
Style: Photojournalistic style
Starting Price: $2500
Braulio Delai Fotografia | Curitiba Wedding Photographer Braulio Delai Fotografia
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +55 41 33285061
Address: st. Jose Saboia Cortes, 219, Curitiba, Paraná 82800065, Brazil
Home Location: Curitiba, Paraná wedding photographer
Also Serving: WorldWide
Description: Photographer Braulio Delai, specialist in wedding photography. What actually is concrete after ending an event, the photos are, if the professional photographer is good, the memories of the event will be very close to reality.
Style: Photography real time without interference in 95% of the work.
Starting Price: R$5.000.00
Meliess Fotografia | Marina Ferraresi Freiberger | Curitiba, Brazil Wedding Photographer Meliess Fotografia
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 55 (41)99117807
Home Location: Curitiba, Parana wedding photographer
Also Serving: Travel to all Brazil and worldwide
Description: Expert storytelling true and full of life!
Style: My style of photojournalism seeks to capture the true essence of people and emotions. No fads, believing and strengthening a personal look at the wedding photography.
Starting Price: $3000
Camila Ferraz Fotografia Artistica Camila Ferraz Fotografia Artistica
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 551491089008
Home Location: Curitiba wedding photographer
Also Serving: Destination Weddings Worldwide
Description: Wedding photography is proving to be an exciting job. Sharing the joy felt throughout the day, is to translate these emotions into images, the happiness of each, all of which makes me love my work.
Style: I propose a journalistic approach and artistic marriage. This implies a concern for spontaneity, from beginning to end of the day.
Starting Price: $2800
Anderson Miranda Photography | Curitiba, Brazil wedding photographer Anderson Miranda Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +554191594001
Home Location: Curitiba, PR, Brazil wedding photographer
Also Serving: Brazil and worldwide destination weddings
Description: I believe everyone should have great images from their wedding and still be able to enjoy their wedding. I feel every couple is unique and I aim to showcase their personalities and style through their images.
Style: My work has been described as “Editorial Photojournalism”. I think that means I’m mostly a storyteller capturing the moments of the day but I can also create beautiful portraits.
Starting Price: $6000
Caio Peres | Umuarama Wedding Photographer Caio Peres
website | email | details-gallery | 5544 99117133
Address: Rua Catanduvas, 4060, Umuarama, Paraná 87502280, Brazil
Home Location: Umuarama, Paraná wedding photographer
Also Serving: All Brazil, and a few countries around the world. I've photographed weddings in the Caribbean and Italy.
Description: Since 2008 I've been photographing it as comprising the essence of human emotion. Today I do not see myself doing anything different from that.
Style: I like to think that working with art and as an artist, I find the picture tells what is inside my mind. Weddings inspire me, I love to see people's joy and all the emotions that express a day like this.
Starting Price: R$3.800,00
Carol Mattos Fotografia / Studio Bless | Curitiba, Brazil wedding photographer Carol Mattos Fotografia / Studio Bless
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +55 (41) 9121-1154
Home Location: Curitiba wedding photographer
Also Serving: Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, all over Brazil and Worldwide destinations.
Description: I make sure that the photo can pass the couple's love to all who seen it. I admit that I`m a romantic person, and I really express this feeling in my work, to show the love by my eyes.
Style: Photojournalistic style, with romanticism without interfering in moments and minimal posing and direction
Starting Price: $2500
Joel Rossi Fotografia | Maringá, Paraná Wedding Photographer Joel Rossi Fotografia
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +554430240636
Address: Av. Dr. Luiz Teixeira Mendes 1359 sala 2, Maringá, Paraná 87033020, Brazil
Home Location: Maringá, Brazil wedding photographer
Also Serving: Brazil, EUA
Description: Fotografamos desde 2009, onde pudemos descobrir nossa essência com o passar dos anos, e a cada novo trabalho redescobrimos nossos conceitos e opiniões sobre a fotografia de casamento.
Style: Gostamos de fotografar o natural das pessoas, os momentos, captamos tudo o que vemos, pois não somos apenas fotógrafos, somos contadores de história.
Starting Price: R$ 6000,00
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Other photographers who provide wedding photography in Paraná

Marine Fonteyne | M.Fonteyne Photographers | Rio de Janeiro wedding photographer M.Fonteyne Photographers
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +55.21969860805
Home Location: Rio de Janeiro wedding photography
Also Serving: Italy, Portugal, Miami, Argentina, Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, Sergipe
Description: Marine is an award-winning wedding photojournalist that works all around the world and most specially in Brazil. She loves the challenge to shoot different cultures.
Style: Marine has a refined female photojournalist style that combines a unique sensibility with a deep technical capability to tell the story with spontaneity & freshness.
Starting Price: $2000
Rafael Vaz | Lisboa, Portugal wedding photographer Rafael Vaz
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 55 13 3025-6761
Home Location: Lisboa, Portugal wedding photographer
Also Serving: Brasil
Description: His photographs range from raw and natural to beautifully surreal, and viewing his portfolio is like a trip to a gallery where the subject is people in love. For wedding pictures that will amaze you while they feed your heart and soul.
Style: I specialize in capturing real, romantic, photojournalistic images that celebrate you and the ones you love. Please contact me to find out how I can make your wedding photos everything you're dreaming of and more.
Starting Price: $3000
Thiago Côrtes | Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro Wedding Photographer Thiago Côrtes
website | email | details-gallery | 5521 9356-0313
Home Location: Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro wedding photographer
Also Serving: São Paulo, Minas Gerais
Description: Meu nome é Thiago Cortes. Sou um fotógrafo completamente apaixonado pelo que faço. São mais de 13 anos de vivência, experiência e aprendizado nessa área.
Starting Price: 5000 BRL
Vini Brandini | São Paulo Wedding Photographer Vini Brandini
website | blog | email | details-gallery | + 55 11 9 9898-0214
Home Location: São Paulo wedding photographer
Also Serving: Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, all Brazilian cities and worldwide destinations
Description: I photograph weddings since 2007. I love natural and candid photos, that's why my work is based on this style. Please visit my website to see more of my images.
Style: Photojournalistic style, with minimal posing and direction.
Starting Price: R$5,500.00
More wedding photographers coming soon!
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