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Baltimore Wedding Photographer | Dennis Drenner Photographs

Dennis Drenner is listed in: Maryland Wedding Photographers | Washington DC | Virginia | Florida | Colombia

Dennis Drenner | Baltimore Maryland wedding photographer Dennis Drenner Photographs
website | blog | email | (301) 437-6972
Home Location: Baltimore, Maryland wedding photographer
Also Serving: Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Destination Weddings.

Description: Early on in my career, two of my newspaper colleagues asked me to photograph their weddings one summer. Imagining myself a rugged, world-traveling photo-stud, I was of course appalled. “I don’t do weddings! I don’t shoot those cheesy, staged photos! I’m not going to spend hours arranging bridesmaids!” They calmly told me that they didn’t want me to do that either. “Just take your own pictures. We like your pictures.” they said. And I was flattered, and I relented, and the rest is history.

What I quickly learned is that weddings have everything photojournalists love to shoot – emotion, pageantry, drama – all wrapped up in a neat eight-hour package with an open bar. I also learned that there are hordes of people in the world who also want my sort of pictures, candid photographs that reflect their own particular personalities and relationships rather than Martha Stewart’s idea of how things should be.

The other thing we photojournalists love is to make a difference with our photographs, to illuminate, to educate, to make people see through our eyes. And while my wedding photos are seen by far fewer people than my work published in the Washington Post for example, the effects are far deeper and longer lasting. And so is my satisfaction when a bride tells me my photos made her hands shake with emotion, or a groom says that I took the best picture of his grandfather he has ever seen, or when I run into a couple five years after the wedding and learn that photos I have nearly forgotten remain fresh and powerful in their minds and in their lives.

Style: Photojournalistic/documentary — unobtrusive and easy-going
Starting Price: $3400
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