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Milan Wedding Photographer | Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione, Two Non-Traditional Wedding Photographers

Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione are listed in: Italy Wedding Photographers | Switzerland | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Alessandro Roncaglione | Milan, Italy wedding photographer Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione, Two Non-Traditional Wedding Photographers
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (+39)3356333654
Address: via sant’Antonio 10, Vaprio d’Adda (Milan), Lombardy 20069, Italy
Home Location: Milan wedding photographer
Also Serving: Como Lake, Tuscany, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Chianti, Garda Lake, Venice, all over Italy and abroad
Description: A wedding reportage, a spontaneous tale, emotions captured by a photograph.
My purpose is to tell in a natural and discreet way what eye can see but only a photograph can capture.
No poses, no sets: emotions don’t need to be forced.
I was born in Milan in 1977, and I used to take pictures since I was a child with my father’s camera. Growing up photography became first of all a passion, and after the studies a profession: five years ago I decided that I was ready to capture the joy of the wedding day in a spontaneous way and I became a wedding photographer. I’m based in Vaprio d’Adda, near Milan and now I share my passion with my wife, we’re both photographers. At the same time I work on my personal exhibitions to document social difficulties: for two years I’ve made a reportage in a community of men and women with mental diseases. My last reportage described the daily life of an immigrant in Italy.
Style: A natural and discreet way to capture emotions.
Starting Price: €1400
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