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Florence Wedding Photographer | Andrea Corsi Photographer

Andrea Corsi is listed in: Italy Wedding Photographers | Germany | Switzerland | France | New York

Andrea Corsi Photographer | Florence, Tuscany, Italy wedding photographer Andrea Corsi Photographer
website | blog | email | +393387872319
Home Location: Florence, Tuscany, Italy wedding photographer
Also Serving: Como Lake, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, New York, Los Angeles, Londra, Paris
Description: I was born on September 28th 1974 and bought my first camera, a splendid Nikon FM in 1993. Since then, I have pursued this wonderful passion, going through all the usual steps typical of anyone who comes into contact with the wonderful art of Photography. I started with macro and landscapes, I was in search of my own genre and style and was also trying to acquire the necessary basic techniques. I first started shooting with BN film, above all, Ilford, but in time I discovered a film called VELVIA 50 and have never parted from it since. Amateur Photography had been part of my life until 2007, the year in which a very serious motorbike accident left me immobilized and bedridden for months and above all, forced me to weigh up and consider my work situation. Considerations that I had never thought about until then. This really sparked the flame that had been in me but by now had almost died. During my rehabilitation I met Daniele Vertelli. He wasn’t as famous in this time as he is today, but did had some experience in the field of Wedding photography, something that I was completely inexperienced in. Together, we decided to pursue our dream which was to be able to make a living exclusively through photography. It was tough at the beginning, but now when I look back I can say without a doubt that meeting Daniele was an incredible stroke of luck for me, just like the accident had been. Life can be strange at times and an event that can seem catastrophic can later reveal itself to be the driving force needed for you to find the courage that you feel you do not possess.I did not really understand what style to apply to wedding photography at the beginning I drew inspiration from many famous photographers that I have admiration for, like most do when they first start out, but felt to myself that something was missing. It was not in my photography…So I decided to ask myself what attracted me most to photos and the answer was simple…it was the transmission of the people’s unfiltered expressions and emotions. Unifying my vision of this to Wedding photography seemed to be an automatic consequence. I sincerely do not think of myself as a creative photographer, I believe however, that my photography is essentially simple and direct using minimal compositions, is very intuitive and above all, bursting with strong emotion impact. This is my photography, it belongs solely to me and what I feel inside. I am a member of the most important associations in the world of Wedding photojournalism. (WPJA , ISPWP , FEARLESS e BEST OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY the international field and ANFM in the national field) and only in the last two years, more than 70 of my photos have been awarded prizes in both the International and National circle. In 2012, I was awarded with the prize of” Wedding of the year” from the association ANFM. . During the same year I also made a lot of workshops as a teacher both in Italy and abroad, the last one in Spain at EFTI, an important school of photography in Madrid. I was ranked amongst the top 10 photographers in the world in the contest Summer ISPWP USA and the prestigious European review Nikon Pro interviewed me for an article. In 2013 I was awarded as the Best Italian Photographer of the Year by the ANFM and I,ve entered the top 20 photographers in the world for FEARLESS USA, receiving an Honor Mention for this. In 2014 I was awarded First runner up By wedding Photojournalist association USA (WPJA) .
Style: I really love reportage photography because it is able to touch the observer and, at the same time, it tells a story.
Starting Price: €2900
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