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Budapest Wedding Photographer | Csaba Varga Photography

Csaba Varga Photography is listed in: Hungary Wedding Photographers | Spain | Portugal | Italy | United Kingdom

Csaba Varga Photography | Budapest, Hungary wedding photographer Csaba Varga Photography
website | email | 36304302527
Home Location: Budapest, Hungary wedding photographer
Also Serving: All of Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom
Description: During planning their wedding, couples probably have lots of questions about photography – how it goes, which style fits them best and how to choose the best wedding photographer. Wedding photography has changed a lot in the last decade, there is a higher demand for full-day photography rather than a few studio photos. A fresh, exciting photojournalistic style has taken over the old, static and conservative approach, thus becoming the most complex section of photography, requiring diverse preparedness. On one hand, thorough technical knowledge is crucial, since the photographer has to be able to carry out all his creative ideas in an instant. In a wedding there is no time for flipping through the manual of the camera or thinking about which lens to use. The photographer has to be prepared, otherwise the moment will slip away uncaptured. On the other hand, photographers have to be open and communicative, as his models are people who are likely to be camera shy. Moreover, they are tense, nervous and excited to be going through the most memorable moments of their life. In such a situation one can only take good images if he is not only a technical but a bit of a spiritual guru as well…

The road to wedding photography for Csaba has led through twenty years of press and event photography. Wedding photography is primarily his way of self-expression and freedom of creativity. In his wedding photography he captures moments and emotions. Lights and shadows are important features of his compositions.

Csaba combines elements of journalism and fashion in his wedding photography. During getting ready, ceremony and reception he shoots in a documentarist style, to which his more than twenty years experience in photojournalism provides a solid ground. This style features candid photos with little or no intervention, telling a story of the wedding day with the most memorable events. Captured moments and small details help spectators to recall or visualize the spirit of the day through the lens of a professional photographer. During the creative session Csaba portrays the best features of the couple. These photos are natural and capture spontaneous motion. His photos lack mannerism and artificiality. Csaba believes that true art is created by nature and the mission of the photographer is not to distort, but to present the most advantageous side of that.

Style: Candid photos with little or no intervention, telling a story of the wedding day. Creative session photos portray the best features of the couple.
Starting Price: €2500
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