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Hungary Wedding Photographers, Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged

Hungary wedding photographers in Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Pécs, and all across Hungary.
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Local Hungary Wedding Photographers

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Csaba Varga Photography | Budapest, Hungary wedding photographer Csaba Varga Photography
website | email | details-gallery | 36304302527
Home Location: Budapest, Hungary wedding photographer
Also Serving: All of Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom
Description: Csaba combines elements of journalism and fashion in his wedding photography. He believes that true art is created by nature and the mission of the photographer is not to distort, but to present the most advantageous side of that.
Style: Candid photos with little or no intervention, telling a story of the wedding day. Creative session photos portray the best features of the couple.
Starting Price: €2500
Weigert Images | Joseph Weigert | Budapest, Hungary wedding photographer Weigert Images
website | email | details-gallery | +36/70-523-5021
Home Location: Budapest, Hungary wedding photographer
Also Serving: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and worldwide destinations
Description: Photographing weddings and telling stories is a dream came true for me. I am taking assignments all over Europe and overseas, as well.
Style: A unique blend of capturing real moments and scenic wedding portraiture.
Starting Price: €1200
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Other photographers who provide wedding photography in Hungary

Gabe Kocsis | Bell Studio-Esther&Gabe | London, UK wedding photographer Bell Studio-Esther&Gabe
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 4402032897142
Home Location: London, UK wedding photography
Also Serving: Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Australia, New Zealand , US, Sweden
Description: Destination wedding photographer, wedding photography serving Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Austria, worldwide
Style: Fine Art Wedding Photography, 100% Film Shooters
Starting Price: €2800
More wedding photographers coming soon!
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