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Edmonton, Alberta Wedding Photographer Elaine Soong | ISPWP Photo of the Month “Upside Down” | August 2012

Edmonton, Alberta Wedding Photographer Elaine Soong | ISPWP Photo of the Month

“Upside Down” by Elaine Soong, Edmonton, Alberta Wedding Photographer

The ISPWP has a monthly photo assignment given to the members. Entries are posted on the ISPWP Forum, and all members get to vote on the winner.

The August assignment was “Upside Down.” Congratulations to Edmonton, Alberta wedding photographer Elaine Soong for winning the ISPWP Photo of the Month.

Here are Elaine’s notes about the image:

This image is one of my favorites ever! We are known for our dramatic and different wedding photos, and this particular couple wanted just that – something totally out-of-the-box. Imagine our excitement! The bride was a former gymnast and we wanted to incorporate that, so we went to her gymnastic training facility and she did an amazing backflip on a trampoline, heavy dress and all!

Visit Elaine’s website to see more of her work.

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  1. Wow! I love this!!! What a great idea and great capture. I took adult trampoline lessons in the fall and I am seriously amazed she could do a flip in a wedding dress. She’s good!

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