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ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners | Winter 2009

Congratulations to Liliya Gorlanova who wins the ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter award!

Here are the Top 20 overall winners from the ISPWP Winter 2009 Wedding Photography Contest. Click on the button to view the gallery.

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Liliya Gorlanova - ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter - Winter 2009

Liliya Gorlanova – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter Winter 2009
Liliya Gorlanova Photography
Moscow, Russia

2nd Place:

Michal Warda, WhiteSmoke Studio – Warsaw, Poland

3rd Place:

Fer Juaristi, ferjuaristi photographer – Monterrey, Mexico

4th Place:

Christina Craft, FunkyTown Photography – Vancouver, Canada

5th Place:

Mark Ridout, Ridout Photography – Toronto, Canada

6th Place:

Jose Luis Guardia, Xpression International – Granada, Spain

7th Place:

Sergio, Sergio Photographer – Tucson, Arizona

8th Place:

Emin Kuliyev, Emin Wedding Photography – New York, NY

9th Place:

Mark Romine, Mark Romine Photography – Bloomington, Illinois

10th Place:

Jan Garcia, Jan Garcia Photography – Orange County, California

11th Place:

Benjamin Young III, Benjamin Young III Photography – Davao, Philippines

12th Place:

Jeremy Lucero, Lucero Photography – Fullerton, California

13th Place:

Tatiana Garanina, Tatiana Garanina Photography – Moscow, Russia

14th Place:

Abby Rosenbaum, Abby Rose Photo – Ann Arbor, Michigan

15th Place:

David Wittig, Beale & Wittig – Chicago, Illinois

16th Place:

F.C. Wong, F.C. Wong Photography – San Francisco, California

17th Place:

Cliff Brunk, Cliff Brunk Photography – San Francisco, California

18th Place:

Marcin Rusinowski, 5czwartych | 5fourths Documentary Photojournalism – Warsaw, Poland

19th Place:

Vagelis Giotopoulos, Giotopoulos – Preveza, Greece

20th Place:

Britney Gardner, Turn Loose the Art – Portland, Oregon

Contest Image Category Galleries

Use these links to jump directly to specific contest categories.

Getting Ready

Family Love

Framing the Subject


The Decisive Moment

Movement and Motion

First Dance

Bride Portrait

All About Light


Bride and Groom Portrait

Wedding Details

Emotional Impact

Bridal Party Portrait

The Wedding Dress


Engagement Portrait

Pure Art

Kids Will Be Kids

Venue or Location


First Prize – Photographer of the Quarter

  • $750 Cash | 1st Pick of Product Prizes | Image and Link on ISPWP Homepage

Second Prize

  • $500 Cash | 2nd Pick of Product Prizes | Image and Link on ISPWP Homepage

Third Prize

  • $250 Cash | 3rd Pick of Product Prizes | Image and Link on ISPWP Homepage

Fourth Prize

  • $150 Cash | 4th Pick of Product Prizes | Image and Link on ISPWP Homepage

Fifth Prize

  • $100 Cash | 5th Pick of Product Prizes | Image and Link on ISPWP Homepage

6th – 15th Prize

  • Product Prizes to the Top Finishers | Image and Link on ISPWP Homepage
Product Prize Descriptions

Big Folio

Big Folio Premium Design ($450 value) with 6 months of free hosting ($120 value)

BIG Folio is a web design and hosting company offering sleek, sophisticated site designs especially tailored to suit professional photographers needs. Founded in 2004, our team includes people driven to create great websites and great photography.
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Pro DPI ProDPI Photo Lab Gift Certificates ($200, $100, and $50 value)

ProDPI is providing print certificates in the amounts of $200, $100, and $50. Winners can redeem their certificates for any ProDPI product!
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Bebb Studios Fusion is Now DVD

Bebb Studios – Fusion is Now DVD ($250 value)

FUSION: the process of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
Stephen and Jennifer Bebb, the first wedding photographers in the world to review the Canon 5D MkII, take you on a step-by-step journey to FUSION.
The DVD, Fusion is Now, covers: Adding Fusion to your coverage now | Simple, basic and advanced Fusion techniques | Working with audio on the wedding day and after the fact | non-HDSLR solutions | tips and tricks. Plus a Bonus 45 minute DVD that focuses solely on editing your fusion projects.
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Finao - Albums with attitude

Gift Certificate towards a sample Finao ONE album ($250 value)

Albums with attitude. Winner will be given a coupon after the close of the contest.
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Triple Scoop Music

Triple Scoop Music – Lifetime song license to 1st – 4th place winners ($60 value each)

The 1st – 4th place winners will each receive a lifetime license for any single song from Triple Scoop Music. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy & Emmy winners. You can select from thousands of hand-picked royalty-free songs by award-winning artists and composers. Easily find great songs and use the music legally for marketing and promotion. Hear why the world’s top photographers grow their business with music from Triple Scoop Music.
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Fundy Software Album Software

Fundy Software – Fundy Dollars Gift Certificate ($200 value)

75% of surveyed users say they’ve cut their production time in half (or more) using Fundy Software Products. The Fundy Dollars may be used on any product or combination of products.
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Totally Rad Actions

Totally Rad Actions 2 – The Revenge – Version 1.2 ($159 value)

TRA2 – The Revenge is the cutting-edge new action set from the creators of the beloved Totally Rad Action Mix. TRA2 is a completely new set of actions for Adobe Photoshop that work together as a system, giving you an unprecedented blend of convenience and flexibility. This action set will unlock countless possibilities for making your photos shine, from dramatic black and whites, to vintage color effects, to everyday utilities to enhance your images. TRA2 is also the perfect compliment to the original Totally Rad Action Mix, adding powerful tools to your arsenal, while working seamlessly with the tools you already know and love.
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Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Urban Disguise 30 ($130 value)

This is the perfect size for many photographers who actively shooting, since it holds a 70-200 f2.8 inside, with the hood reversed, a wide angle with the hood, and a pro-size SLR in the front expandable pocket (without a lens attached). A DSLR without a bottom battery grip can be put inside with a lens attached straight down into the bag. The bag also can be attached to a roller.
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Proofmaker by ISPWP Member Mike Dickson ($75 value)

Proofmaker is a Photoshop CS2/CS3 script that will generate bordered proof images with the image name, or copyright information — or both (or neither) — into your photos, in one easy step. Easily turn your photos into bordered, labeled proofs!
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Neil van Niekerk book

On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography by ISPWP Member Neil van Niekerk ($35 value)

Photographers are always looking for perfect light, but lighting situations are rarely perfect – especially if you photograph weddings or environmental portraits. In this book, acclaimed photographer and instructor, Neil van Niekerk, shows you how adding on-camera flash can quickly and seamlessly enhance the existing light. With these techniques you’ll be able to work more quickly and minimize post-production corrections by getting better results from your camera. This is a signed copy of the book from ISPWP member Neil van Niekerk.
More information…read the Amazon reviews

Milos Horvat Photography Milos Horvat – Milos Horvat Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia-EU

Milos Horvat is an internationally renowned and awarded wedding photographer. Back in 2004, the introduction of his wedding photography to the Slovenia market caused a revolution and today he is one of the leading European wedding photographers. He has judged several Slovenian photography contests and is permanently working with the best Slovenian magazines as an editorial photographer and article writer. He is known as a master of ambiance, with a unique and highly distinctive photography style.

michael leslie photography michael leslie – michael leslie photography, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I discovered my love for photography at an early age. I was always playing with my parents cameras and broke many of them. At four I fought with my mom to take the picture, not to be in it. I have spent years honing my craft working as a photographer in many high profile studios in the Philadelphia Tri-State area. My experience includes wedding photography, portraiture, advertising, and commercial photography. I love weddings. I feel honored to be asked to capture the important moments that will become the family albums our children treasure.

Kimberley Anderson KB Image Photo Kim Anderson – KB Image Photography, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kim’s love for photography started in high school when she was one of those geeks on the yearbook staff who always had a camera in hand. Her career in photography started after the birth of her first son in 1993. Shooting rolls and rolls of film of obviously the world’s most miraculous baby led her to a friendship with a photo lab manager where she was hired, thus saving her from a career that includes the phrase “Do you want fries with that?” She learned darkroom techniques and the technical aspect of photo printing. The lab also had a small portrait studio that employed a photographer and one day the photographer did not show up, and the rest, as they say, is history. Kim also photographs seniors, babies and families in her studio in Milwaukee Wisconsin, but her true love lies in photographing weddings. When she is not photographing weddings you can find her at home in her jammies with her two dogs and two kids.

Alexandre Borges Alexandre Borges – AleBorges Fotografia, São Paulo, Brazil

Alexandre Borges is a wedding photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He has been shooting weddings since 2007 and today he is one of the top wedding photographers in his country. He was the second Brazilian photographer accepted as a ISPWP member and also belongs to the WPJA. Ale Borges won first place in the Ceremony category of the Spring 2009 ISPWP contest. He has placed in every contest since. He likes fresh and elegant images that shows emotion, fun and happiness.

Marcel & Meher Siegle Photography Marcel Siegle – Marcel & Meher Siegle Photography, San Francisco, California

Marcel Siegle worked as a commercial photographer for many years before embracing wedding photography in 2004. After shooting only a handful of weddings, he realized how fulfilling and fun weddings can be. Soon thereafter his wife, Meher, also a photographer, joined him full time, making their dream of working together come true. A native of Germany, Marcel lives with his wife, two children, 5 chickens, and two rabbits in the Sonoma Wine country. The duo maintains a photo studio in San Francisco and they continue to shoot commercially for Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies. Marcel also creates fine art and stock photography centered mostly around his other passion, fly-fishing. Some if his favorite photographers are Weegee, Irving Pen and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Coralee Penner Coralee Penner – Red Photo Co.,, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Coralee is the rockin’ redhead wedding photojournalist behind Red Photo Co. She’s won awards for her vivid and always colourful work, which breaks the rules of what people think wedding photography should be. Her approach to life and weddings is the same – rule #1: always be yourself…which documents the distinctive nature of each couple in true (and always eccentric) Coralee fashion. When not shooting, she enjoys sleeping in, going for walks with her Boston Terrier Charlie, tackling the never ending tasks of home ownership (and does not apologize for having a pink front door) and kicking ass at board games. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, quite possibly one of the coldest places on earth and generally does not leave her house from December-March, which gives her plenty of time to watch independent movies and crazy Britcoms (that nobody else likes).

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