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ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners | Spring 2010

Congratulations to Emin Kuliyev who wins the ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter award!

Here are the Top 20 overall winners from the ISPWP Spring 2010 Wedding Photography Contest. Click on the button to view the gallery.

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Emin Kuliyev - New York Wedding Photographer - ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter - Spring 2010

Emin Kuliyev – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Spring 2010
Emin Wedding Photography
New York, NY

2nd Place:

Ron Storer, Ron Storer Photography – Seattle, Washington

3rd Place:

Mark Pawlyszyn, Unique Images Photography – Calgary, Canada

4th Place:

Jose Luis Guardia, Xpression International – Granada, Spain

5th Place:

Aaron Willcox, Aaron Willcox Photography – San Diego, California

6th Place:

Liliya Gorlanova, Liliya Gorlanova Photography – Moscow, Russia

7th Place:

Christina Craft, FunkyTown Photography – Vancouver, Canada

8th Place:

Erwin Darmali, Apertura – Los Angeles, California

9th Place:

Edoardo Agresti, Edoardo Agresti Photographer[s] – Florence, Italy

10th Place:

Morgan Lynn Razi, Morgan Lynn Photography – Houston, Texas

11th Place:

Cliff Brunk, Cliff Brunk Photography – San Francisco, California

12th Place:

Marco Miglianti, Marco Miglianti Photography – Tuscany, Italy

13th Place:

Carolina Pires, Carolina Pires Fotografia – Rio de Janiero, Brazil

14th Place:

Katherine Birkbeck, Katherine Birkbeck Photography – Knoxville, Tennessee

15th Place:

Kurstin Roe, Kurstin Roe Photography – Washington, DC

16th Place:

Victor Herrera, Victor Herrera Photographers – Cancun, Mexico

17th Place:

Christobal Perez, Azul Photography – Raleigh, North Carolina

18th Place:

Anna Kuperberg, Anna Kuperberg Photography – San Francisco, California

19th Place:

Matthias Richter, Matthias Richter Fotografie – Hamburg, Germany

20th Place:

Renato dPaula, dPaula Photo – São Paulo, Brazil

Contest Image Category Galleries

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Getting Ready

Family Love

Framing the Subject


The Decisive Moment

Movement and Motion

First Dance

Bride Portrait

All About Light


Bride and Groom Portrait

Wedding Details

Emotional Impact

Bridal Party Portrait

The Wedding Dress


Engagement Portrait

Pure Art

Kids Will Be Kids

Venue or Location


First Prize – Photographer of the Quarter

  • $750 Cash | 1st Pick of Product Prizes

Second Prize

  • $500 Cash | 2nd Pick of Product Prizes

Third Prize

  • $250 Cash | 3rd Pick of Product Prizes

Fourth Prize

  • $150 Cash | 4th Pick of Product Prizes

Fifth Prize

  • $100 Cash | 5th Pick of Product Prizes

6th – 9th Prize

  • Product Prizes
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Pro DPI ProDPI Photo Lab Gift Certificates ($200, $100, and $50 value)

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Bebb Studios Fusion is Now DVD

Bebb Studios – Fusion is Now DVD ($250 value)

FUSION: the process of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
Stephen and Jennifer Bebb, the first wedding photographers in the world to review the Canon 5D MkII, take you on a step-by-step journey to FUSION.
The DVD, Fusion is Now, covers: Adding Fusion to your coverage now | Simple, basic and advanced Fusion techniques | Working with audio on the wedding day and after the fact | non-HDSLR solutions | tips and tricks. Plus a Bonus 45 minute DVD that focuses solely on editing your fusion projects.
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Finao - Albums with attitude

Gift Certificate towards a sample Finao ONE album ($250 value)

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Triple Scoop Music

Triple Scoop Music – Lifetime song license to 1st – 4th place winners ($60 value each)

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Proofmaker by ISPWP Member Mike Dickson ($75 value)

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Matt McGraw Photography Matt McGraw – Matt McGraw Photography, Wilmington, North Carolina

Matt’s natural curiosity for photography started as a child growing up in Indiana. Matt would ask questions while his grandfather took family pictures. He got his first camera at age 14 and took off shooting wherever he could once he got his driver’s license. His curiosity led him to a local newspaper as a teenager where he ended up being mentored by the photo editor there. Matt eventually began shooting sports events on his own while in HS, traveling throughout the Midwest as a Sports Photographer shooting the Cincinnati Reds, the Indiana Pacers, and sports events at Indiana University and Purdue University. Matt eventually diverged from photography, pursuing a few other careers, but his passion for photography never died. That spark was re-lit 8 years ago when a friend of his asked him to shoot her wedding. After that, he was hooked, realizing this was his true calling in life! He discovered he was able to shoot weddings documentary-style, similar to how he would shoot sports. And so, Matt McGraw Photography was born. Matt has traveled all over the country and world as a photographer, documenting weddings. He is known for his unique award-winning Photojournalistic style and is based out of Wilmington, NC.

Beale & Wittig David Wittig – Beale & Wittig, Chicago, Illinois

David Wittig was born and raised in Argentina, lived in Costa Rica, and then moved to Chicago to study Art and Political Science. He’s been photographing weddings worldwide for over 10 years and runs one of the top studios in Chicago with his partner and wife Nancy Beale. Their work has been published widely and won numerous awards. His art work has been exhibited in galleries in Italy, New York, and Chicago. The first monograph of his work Alechmia degli Elementi was published in Rome in 2006. He believes in Beauty.

Verna Pitts Photography Verna Pitts – Verna Pitts Photography, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Verna Pitts lives in a little house in the woods on a dirt road in the country just outside Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and still considers herself a New Yorker. She began shooting 35mm film in 1982, worked for a local women’s press where she covered a couple of Washington DC marches, the National Women’s Political Caucus and even had the opportunity to interview and shoot Molly Yard, who was the president of the NOW (National Organization for Women). She dipped her toe in the wedding business but took a break as she raised her 4 teenaged sons. When the last one graduated from high school it was the digital age and she began her business anew. Her work has been published in numerous publications; she’s won a respectable number of awards and has a reverential passion for documenting weddings.

Joe Appel Photography Joe Appel – Joe Appel Photography, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Joe Appel has been a staff photographer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for 16 years. He has also maintained a side business as a freelance photojournalist. His photographs have been published in books, newspapers worldwide, and in magazines from Scholastic to Motorcyclist and Rolling Stone. Joe is entering his 4th full season of photographing weddings professionally. Prior to that weddings were something that he reluctantly did upon the request of friends. Joe says, “It’s sort of like a guy who owns a pickup truck – if a friend is moving you know you’re going to get a call. As a photographer, it always seemed like I would be asked to be the photographer when friends were getting married. It was something I would do but not really enjoy.” That changed several years ago when a friend asked him to cover her wedding like it was a news story. Instead of shooting it as he thought a “wedding photographer” would, he found that he was enjoying the event. A winner of many state and local awards, Joe has found that his news photography has improved as a result of shooting weddings. “Whether photographing news, sports, or weddings it’s all about telling stories. Being invited inside a couple’s circle of family and friends to document their day is truly a joy.”

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