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ISPWP Wedding Photo Contest Winners | Winter 2008

Top 20 Finishers

Congratulations to all ISPWP members who entered the Winter 2008 Photo Contest. We had great representation from the US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Malaysia, UK, and Brazil. The judges had a difficult time because the quality of the work keeps getting better and better.

Here is your list of top 20 finishers overall. These are the photographers who compiled the most points for the whole contest. You can jump directly to the Contest Image Gallery, or scroll down a bit to see direct links to the winning galleries for each category.

The amazing Ed Atrero walks away with the Photographer of the Quarter, way to go Ed!

Photo Contest Gallery

1st Place:

Ed Atrero, Atrero Photography – California | Photographer of the Quarter

2nd Place:

Carl Bower, Carl Bower Photographs – Washington DC

3rd Place:

David A. Barss, David A. Barss, Photographer – Oregon

4th Place:

Ken Cravillion, Ken Cravillion Photography – Wisconsin

5th Place:

Joseph Kohn, IQphoto Studio – California

6th Place:

Anne and Bill Holland, Holland Photo Arts – Virginia

7th Place:

Sergio, Sergio Photographer – Arizona

8th Place:

David Pullum, DP Photography – United Kingdom

9th Place:

Vinicius Matos, La Foto – Brazil

10th Place:

Anahi Navarro, anahi weddings – Texas

11th Place:

Scott and Tem Juarez, Scott and Tem Photography – Texas

12th Place:

David Jackson, David E Jackson // A Photographer – Wisconsin

13th Place:

Verna Pitts, Verna Pitts Photography – Minnesota

14th Place:

Shane Snider, Shane Snider Photography – North Carolina

15th Place:

Marcel & Meher Siegle, Marcel & Meher Siegle Photography – California

16th Place:

Fer Juaristi, ferjuaristi photographer – Mexico

17th Place:

Nicole Wickens, Green Door Photography – Montana

18th Place:

Kimberley Bednarski Anderson, KB Image Photography – Wisconsin

19th Place:

Dave Takayoshi, Line 11 – Indiana

20th Place:

David Murray, David Murray Weddings – Maine

Contest Image Galleries

Getting Ready

Kids Will Be Kids

Engagement Portrait


Candid Portrait

Creative Use of Wide Angle

First Dance

Family Love

Venue or Location

Reception-Not Dancing

The Decisive Moment

Cake, Food, and Drink


Bride Portrait

Framing the Subject

Movement and Motion

Groom Portrait

All About Light

Emotional Impact

Bride and Groom Portrait

Details-Not Food or Drink


Bridal Party Portrait

Pure Art

Cash prize amounts will be based on the total amount of entry fees per the table below. For example, if 100 members each submit $200 in entry fees, the grand prize will be $2,000. So the more participation in the contest, the higher the prizes go. Standings are based on highest cumulative ranking points earned.

Place in Contest Cash Prize Product Prize
Photographer of the Quarter 10% of Entry Fees
  • Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Bag
  • First choice of actions/script/DVD packages
  • Image and link on ISPWP homepage
2nd Place 6% of Entry Fees
  • Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Bag
  • Second choice of actions/script/DVD packages
  • Image and link on ISPWP homepage
3rd Place 4% of Entry Fees
  • Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Bag
  • Third choice of actions/script/DVD packages
  • Image and link on ISPWP homepage
4th Place 3% of Entry Fees
  • Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Bag
  • Fourth choice of actions/script/DVD packages
  • Image and link on ISPWP homepage
5th Place 2% of Entry Fees
  • Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Bag
  • Fifth choice of actions/script/DVD packages
6th Place Sixth choice of actions/script/DVD packages
7th Place Seventh choice of actions/script/DVD packages
8th Place Eighth choice of actions/script/DVD packages
Product Prize Descriptions

Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Urban Disguise 40

FIVE Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Camera Bags – $149 value

This will hold more gear than you ever imagined, such as a wide angle lens with a hood attached, a 24-70 2.8 with the hood, a 70 -200 2.8 with the hood reversed, AND two pro-size SLR’s in the expandable front pockets (without the lenses attached).

A regular size SLR with a lens attached can also be put straight down inside of the bag. Strobes fit into the side stretch pockets, as well.

More information…

Make Light Real

Make Light Real – $290 Gift Certificate

To be used for any product on Make Light Real. Suggested prize: Light Speed Workflow package includes ONE ACTION workflow set + Nostromo n52 keyboard for ergonomic left hand access to Lightroom and Photoshop shortcuts + training video and more!

Make Light Real – $79 Gift Certificate

To be used for any product on Make Light Real. Suggested prize: ONE ACTION: the complete ONE ACTION Photoshop workflow action with training video.

More information…

OneLight DVD

OneLight DVD – $250 value

Is off camera flash intimidating? Are you a bit fearful of it? It is my goal to get you to drop all the fear and intimidation and get your flash off camera as God intended it to be used! :) Once the “light bulb” goes off in your head, you’ll see how simple it really can be and you will see your photography grow by leaps and bounds. You’ll have so much more confidence to take on any project that comes your way.

Its about as fun of a DVD set as you can get. I have fallen asleep during many technical presentations and I wanted to make dang sure that this DVD wasn’t going to be a cure for insomnia. You’re getting 2 discs plus a 20 page booklet.

More information…

Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Artistic Tools Vol. 4 – $179 value

This is the latest sequel and the newest release of image enhancements. A fresh collection of modern image enhancing tools for producing the hottest looks in the marketplace. From the 3-dimensional vividness of “Enter the Dragon” to the rich cinematic palette of “300esque.” Also, indulge in cool new interactive B&W converters for the perfect tonal blend and richness. Contains over 50 enhancements, including: BW Full Moon, Highlight Enhancer, Dark Darkener, Popsickle, Punch Drunk, China Doll, Comic Relief, Vignette 2 Auto, Ragged Edges and many more.

Now even faster with Kubota DASHBOARD®: The fastest, most intuitive way to to enhance your images! Our exclusive DASHBOARD is a floating palette within Photoshop and acts like a mini search engine for your Kubota image enhancement tools – guaranteed to be the fastest path from original image to finished art.

More information…

Totally Rad Actions

Totally Rad Actions 2 – The Revenge – Version 1.2 – $159 value

TRA2 – The Revenge is the cutting-edge new action set from the creators of the beloved Totally Rad Action Mix. TRA2 is a completely new set of actions for Adobe Photoshop that work together as a system, giving you an unprecedented blend of convenience and flexibility. This action set will unlock countless possibilities for making your photos shine, from dramatic black and whites, to vintage color effects, to everyday utilities to enhance your images. TRA2 is also the perfect compliment to the original Totally Rad Action Mix, adding powerful tools to your arsenal, while working seamlessly with the tools you already know and love.

TRA2 also improves on the things that made the Totally Rad Action Mix great. By keeping even more of the actions steps in separate layers, control freaks can now tweak the look of their images even further. And the experience and feedback we’ve received on the first set has been put to good use, creating actions that are more intelligent, and that work well across an even broader range of images.

More information…

KJImages Photoshop Action Set

Kevin Jairaj Outdoor Action Set – $125 value

20 unique photoshop actions from Kevin Jairaj.

“If you’re looking for sassy toning and stylizations that KJ is known for, there’s no better place to start than with his new Outdoor Action Set. Saucy!” – Dave and Quin of DQ Studios (Winners of WPPI’s 2006 Wedding Album of the Year.)

More information…

Jeff Ascough Actions

Jeff Ascough Actions II – Photoshop Actions – £60 value (about $90)

In developing this set, I’ve tried to put together actions which get close to the look and feel of film without the usual hassles of plug-ins. These are the actions that I use everyday in my studio. They are a combination of enhancements and shortcuts which help you be more productive and get great results quickly. I like to think of these actions as tools rather than special effects. As such, many have been designed to give you control over each action.

More information…


Proofmaker – $75 value

Proofmaker is a Photoshop CS2/CS3 script that will generate bordered proof images with the image name, or copyright information — or both (or neither) — into your photos, in one easy step. Easily turn your photos into bordered, labeled proofs!

More information…

Category Ranking Awards
High scoring images in each category will earn the photography ranking points to place their website listing higher on their ISPWP Listing Page.

Place in Category Ranking point award
1st place in category 10 ranking points
2nd place in category 7 ranking points
3rd place in category 5 ranking points
4th place in category 3 ranking points
5th place in category 2 ranking points
6th place in category 1 ranking point
7th place in category 1 ranking point
8th place in category 1 ranking point
9th place in category 1 ranking point
10th place in category 1 ranking point
Each image entry .1 ranking point (ex. 1 full point for 10 entries)
Ray Anthony Ray Anthony

Ray Anthony Iavasile is based in Michigan and recently has added showrooms in Las Vegas, NV and Villa Park, CA. He is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, earning his BA degree in Cinematography. Early in Ray’s professional career, he worked in the movie industry as a camera assistant and film loader on shows like E.R. and Friends, as well as part time on the feature films: Batman Returns, Dave and Father of the Bride. He began his wedding photography career in 1992 to keep himself busy during the hiatus months of the television season. For the first ten years as a wedding photographer, he sub-contracted for other photography studios in California and his home state of Michigan. Finally, in 2002, he began his own business, Ray Anthony Photography. His wedding photography has been published numerous times in The Knot Magazine – Michigan as well as Style The Magazine and Town and Country. In 2007, he purchased A Advanced Photo & Video in Las Vegas where he trains and manages multiple photographers who sub-contract weddings through his business.

Randy Kepple Randy Kepple

Randy’s career began 20 years ago with a formal degree in commercial advertising photography. Working alongside photographers such as Stephane Sednaoui, Michael Grecco and Chris Cuffaro, he honed his lighting skills and passion for photographing people. This sensibility is carried forward in his wedding, portrait and commercial advertising work. He’s worked in Seattle, Los Angeles and Portland. His storytelling style has been sought after by companies such as Microsoft, SW Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente in addition to countless couples. Prior to his photography career, Randy was a musician who supported his habit by working as a fine art printer and film processor. In his spare time, you’ll find Randy watching a movie or listening to music enjoying a glass of wine.

Jennifer Davis Jennifer Davis

Jennifer is a New York City based international wedding photographer. She earned a BFA in Photography from The University of Florida and decided to concentrate on weddings after freelancing at The Knot as a photo researcher. She has been shooting weddings ever since with an unobtrusive, natural approach. Jennifer has placed in several contests through ISPWP, WPJA, and PDN’s Top Knots. Her work has been published in Bride & Bloom, The Knot, and PDN.
(photo by [b]ecker)

Cory Parris Cory Parris

Cory Parris is a wedding photographer based in Seattle, WA. He had his first paid wedding when he was 18 and still in high school. Cory then went on to study photojournalism and intern at The Herald in Everett, WA before turning down his full-ride scholarship to pursue an exciting career in the food and wine industry (he was a waiter). Later he moved on to be the Finance Director of a small non-profit before he eventually decided that what he really wanted to be when he grew up was the same thing then he wanted when he was five – to be a photographer. Now he spends his time with his full time photography business, hanging out with his three children and his way-above-his-station wife, and enjoying life. As far as photography credentials, he has been featured in Studio Photography, won a couple awards here and there, runs a couple of websites, started a local photography referral group, and occasionally takes a few photographs that his clients enjoy. He also once taught a one night seminar where he learned it was possible to sweat profusely, shiver and put his foot in his mouth all at one time (the reviews were better after he made it through the first 30 seconds). Luckily, Cory doesn’t believe in taking himself, or life, too seriously.

Kevin Jairaj Kevin Jairaj

Kevin Jairaj is an Internationally Award winning Wedding and Portrait photographer based in Dallas, Tx. His work has appeared in magazines and publications such as: Rangefinder, Professional Photographer, Photo District News, Southern Vanity, Dallas Morning News, ESPN, After Capture and his work has been featured in over 8 Amherst Media photography books worldwide. Kevin has won countless awards ranging with the following this year alone: PDN Top Knots, 2 – 1st Place awards at the WPPI 16×20 Competition, 2 – 1st Place Awards at the WPPI 8×10 Competition, 1st Place for Weddings at SWPPA, Photographer of the Year – PPA, and a Loan Print.

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