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ISPWP Fall 2008 Photo Contest

Thanks to all who participated in the ISPWP Fall 2008 Wedding Photography Contest!

The Photographer of the Quarter and the subsequent placings are determined by the cumulative ranking points earned in the contest.

 Photo Contest Gallery

First Place – Photographer of the Quarter:

David Murray Weddings – Maine

2nd Place:

Sergio Photographer – Arizona

3rd Place:

Allegra’s Studio – Virginia

4th Place:

Scott and Tem Photography – Texas

5th Place:

Jessica Photo – Washington DC

6th Place:

AJ’s Studio – Oregon

7th Place:

Marcel & Meher Siegle Photography – California

8th Place:

KJImages Photography – Texas

9th Place:

Cory Parris Photography – Washington

10th Place:

Atrero Photography – California

11th Place:

Photomuse – New Jersey

12th Place:

Carl Bower Photographs – Washington DC

13th Place:

Robert McNary Photography – Oregon

14th Place:

Photos for Life – Ontario

15th Place:

Tico & Red – Massachusetts

16th Place:

Jasmine Photography – Oregon

17th Place:

DP Photography – London UK

18th Place:

Lux Images Photo – Florida

19th Place:

KB Image Photography – Wisconsin

20th Place:

Ashley Langford Photography – Texas



Thanks again to our wonderful judges, who took time out of their busy summer wedding schedule to judge, score, and comment on the images.  

Judges were allowed to enter images into the contest but could not score their own images.

All images were submitted to the judges anonymously, with no identification of the photographer who created it.

Jamie Bosworth – Jamie Bosworth Photography – Oregon

Jenni Ashton – Ulysses Photography – New York

Ed Atrero – Atrero Photography – California

David Murray – David Murray Weddings – Maine

Garrett Elliott – Garrett Elliott Photography – Ontario



Thanks also to our fantastic sponsors who are providing some top rate prizes!

Think Tank Photo

Totally Rad Actions

Kubota Image Tools

Jeff Ascough Actions



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