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Chicago Wedding Photographer Jason Kaczorowski | ISPWP Photo of the Month “Long Exposure” | June 2011

Chicago Wedding Photographer Jason Kaczorowski | ISPWP Photo of the Month

“Long Exposure” by Jason Kaczorowski of Jason Kaczorowski Photography

The ISPWP has a monthly photo assignment given to the members. Entries are posted on the ISPWP Forum, and all members get to vote on the winner.

The June assignment was “Long Exposure.” Congratulations to Chicago Wedding Photographer Jason Kaczorowski of Jason Kaczorowski Photography for winning the ISPWP June Photo of the Month.

Here are Jason’s notes about the image:

This photo was captured at Alishya & Sam Geatti’s wedding at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The museum was closing in 20 minutes and visitors were hustling to exit. I knew I wanted to use the architecture of the Grand Staircase which features an installation by artist Jitish Kallet titled “Public Notice 3” but that there would be no way to stop the frantic pedestrian traffic long enough to create a photo alone with the couple.

The inspiration came to me when I remembered capturing the couples engagement photos which we shot in a pool hall and one particular sequence of shots came to mind where I experimented with dragging the shutter to create a motion blur of billiard balls breaking. By creating a long exposure and allowing the exiting patrons to become ghost-like figures wafting the staircase I could isolate the couple as if the two were the only subjects on the stairs.

From an upper level beyond the newlyweds I instructed the couple to embrace and remain still as I balanced my camera on a balcony ledge above surrounding the staircase. I feel the photo is so successful because it creates an innovative form of a statue among all the other incredible sculptures throughout the museum.

F-Stop – f/20
Exposure time – 2.5 seconds
ISO 100

Visit Jason Kaczorowski’s website to see more of his work.

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  1. Aurel Virlan says:

    One of the smart photograph in wedding area!

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