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Real Wedding | Washington D.C. | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer Michael Temchine

Real Wedding - Washington D.C. - Michael Temchine

Normally the appearance of an ambulance at a wedding is a bad sign, but not for Yael and Ariel. It was one of our greatest pleasures to photograph and participate in such momentous occasions with the families of the bride and groom.

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Real Wedding | Italy | Italy Wedding Photographer Alena & Marek Lukacko

Real Wedding - Italy - Alena & Marek Lukacko

We had the honor of shooting Veronika and Lacko’s wedding, and we can’t even begin to tell just how awesome the day was. The day was filled with tons of fun, and lots of laughs. Check out what we found!

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Real Wedding | Lisbon, Portugal | Portugal Wedding Photographer Fábio and Maria Azanha

Real Wedding - Portugal - Fábio and Maria Azanha

Tatiana and Rui decided to have their destination wedding in Lisbon in May last year. The wedding ceremony and reception happened at the grounds of Pestana Palace in Lisbon, and it was a truly beautiful event.

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Real Wedding | Hong Kong | Hong Kong Wedding Photographer Fung Siu Ming

Real Wedding - Hong Kong - Fung Siu Ming

It has been a pleasure working with Siu Ming Photography. Thank you Siu Ming and his team for their professionalism in capturing the sweet and fun moments.

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Real Wedding | Jamaica | Seattle Wedding Photographer Ben B. Nguyen

Real Wedding - Jamaica - Ben B. Nguyen

Phuc & Hong-Yen have such an incredible family! Never thought that at the beginning of my photography career that I’d be shooting a wedding in Jamaica. Low and behold, now I can say I’ve been there and done that, and I loved every minute of it.

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Real Wedding | Baltimore, Maryland | Maryland Wedding Photographer Dennis Drenner

Real Wedding - Baltimore, Maryland - Dennis Drenner

Eric and Sarah got married at the Gibson Island Club, a beautiful and exclusive spot right on the Chesapeake Bay. The couple are both engineers with important jobs, but on their wedding day they really knew how to cut loose and have fun.

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Real Wedding | Germany | Germany Wedding Photographer Georgii Shugol

Real Wedding - Germany - Georgii Shugol

Beautiful winter wedding of Mary and Vasiliy, in St. Petersburg Russia. On the street it was – 20C degrees. It was cold, but love makes everything warmer.

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Real Wedding | Baia Mare, Romania | Romania Wedding Photographer Rares ION

Real Wedding - Baia Mare, Romania - Rares ION

Alina and Razvan are kindred spirits. They are so positive and if you are near them you can feel the positive status going straight to your heart. Their wedding took place in Alina’s native town, Baia Mare (Romania), a nice and quiet city you should visit sometime.

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Real Wedding | Umbria, Italy | Italy Wedding Photographer Andrea Tappo

Real Wedding - Umbria, Italy - Andrea Tappo

Nour and Emad came from Beirut and decided to get married in Italy. Castello di Montignano was the location chosen for their intimate wedding.

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Real Wedding | Arcachon, France | France Wedding Photographer DavidOne

Real Wedding - Arcachon, France - DavidOne

Aurore and Romain are a young Parisian couple. They wanted to have their wedding in a beautiful region of France : Bassin d’Arcachon. They rented a villa (illa la Tosca) which is just in front of a beach …

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