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Member Spotlight


ISPWP Member Spotlight - Eigirdas

I am a successful fashion photographer and it gives my wedding photography an original, stylish, fashionable style and emotional look.

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ISPWP Member Spotlight - AiS Fotografos

Forget about the camera and enjoy yourself to the fullest – that would be our top tip.

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ISPWP Member Spotlight - KC Chan

My passion for photography came at young age. I have always looked at the world and the people in it as inspiration for my pictures.

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ISPWP Member Spotlight - Matthew Anderson

Take what you’ve got and make the best image possible.

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ISPWP Spotlight - Raimon Crescenti

Be honest, always give more than is expected, and always keep in mind the customer’s needs.

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Spotlight Interview: STAK Photographer Duo

The best photos come out when you are comfortable, relaxed, and trust your photographer.

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Spotlight Interview: Roland Michels

It’s important not to stand still in photographic terms but to continue to evolve.

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Spotlight Interview: Jackie Nuxoll

As a photojournalistic photographer, your heart has to be open…

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Spotlight Interview - Ricardo Cintra

Nosso estilo é uma mistura da fotografia tradicional com o fotojornalismo e com uma iluminação elaborada…

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Spotlight Interview: Binh Trinh and Lin Zhao

I love joking around with my clients and sharing a great day with them. A wedding is just too long not to have fun…

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