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Real Wedding | Mexico | Mexico Wedding Photographer Rahul Khona

Real Wedding - Mexico - Rahul Khona

Suneera and Faizal decided to take their family and closest friends to Mexico, for 3 days of partying to celebrate their love for one another at the beautiful Azul Fives resort, Playa Del Carmen….

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Real Wedding | Frankfurt, Germany | Frankfurt Wedding Photographer Johannes Fenn

Real Wedding - Frankfurt, Germany - Johannes Fenn

The ceremony took place on a landing stage at the lake, on a sandy beach. This location gave all of us vacation feelings even during cloudy weather….

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Real Wedding | Portland, Oregon | Oregon Wedding Photographer Fritz Liedtke

Real Wedding - Portland, Oregon - Fritz Liedtke

A few years ago, I was asked by designer Fuchsia Lin to photograph a series of amazing dresses she’d completed. Fuchsia asked Oregon Ballet Theater dancer Grace Shibley to model for us, and we had a great time working together…

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Real Wedding | Wilmington, Delaware | Delaware Wedding Photographer Dan Salvo

Real Wedding - Wilmington, Delaware - Dan Salvo

Hannah and Anthony’s beautiful beach wedding was fun, relaxed, and filled with little kid fun – a wonderful family celebration….

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Real Wedding | China | China Wedding Photographer Jenff Chan

Real Wedding - China - Jenff Chan

One pair of very loving bride and groom, who met in Beijing, fell in love. And previous wedding different, they’ve got a daughter for one year old, and participated in their wedding, the wedding scene as they sent a diamond ring.

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Real Wedding | Capri, Italy | Italy Wedding Photographer Eigirdas Scinskas

Real Wedding - Capri, Italy - Eigirdas Scinskas

WEDDINGS in CAPRI is always amazing! Because it is very beautiful, spectacular and just perfect location! Actually we are very happy when we are booked for wedding day in Capri, Italy, it is always pleasure to be there, so inspiring and speechless views around!

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Real Wedding | Toronto, Ontario | Toronto Wedding Photographer Scott Williams

Real Wedding - Toronto, Ontario - Scott Williams

Evelyn + Wayne had both their ceremony and reception at 99 Sudbury, which is a really cool, open concept wedding venue in downtown Toronto. Evelyn & Wayne lived in Vancouver for the past couple years where they met while working as chefs but they’re now going to be opening their own restaurant in Toronto!

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Real Wedding | Isola Bella, Italy | Italy Wedding Photographer Riccardo Bestetti

Real Wedding - Isola Bella, Italy - Riccardo Bestetti

Nicole and Andy, the county of Surrey Uk, have chosen the lake maggiore to crown their dream. The warm day starts at the hotel splendid in baveno close to Stresa, with preparations of the bride.

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Real Wedding | San Francisco | San Francisco Wedding Photographer JJ Chen

Real Wedding - San Francisco - JJ Chen

We didn’t expect we will have snow for the wedding! As a San Francisco wedding photographer, it’s my first time to capture a wedding story with snow, it’s too rare for us! North Lake Tahoe Lodge at Lake Tahoe is a lovely venue located at the top of mountain.

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Real Wedding | Brasília | Brasília Wedding Photographer Fabio Oliveira

Real Wedding - Brasília - Fabio Oliveira

A Destination Wedding in a historic town in the interior of Brazil.

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