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Should You See Each Other Prior to Your Ceremony?

Advantages and disadvantages to seeing each other prior to your ceremony.

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Best of 2010 Wedding Photography - Top ISPWP Contest Winners of 2010

Here is a look back at ALL of the 1st Place winning images from ISPWP Photo Contests in 2010.

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Uncle Bob vs. A Professional Wedding Photographer

What are the REAL differences between Uncle Bob and a professional? Why should you have much lower expectations from hiring Uncle Bob? What advantages does a professional have?

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Bride's Guide to Destination Wedding Photography | by Christina Craft

Here’s a handy guide to help you have the most fabulous destination wedding photographs ever.

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The Top Photo Spots You Never Knew Existed

When you’re posing for photos, whether they’re at your wedding or your engagement shoot, there are a number of traditional, not-to-be-missed shots.

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Wedding Photojournalism – It’s a Long Story

Wedding photography is a tricky business. It is virtually unique among the various services which make up the wedding industry insofar as it is, on the one hand, arguably the most important service which a couple will engage.

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How to Evaluate Wedding Photographers at a Bridal Show

The holidays are over, which means it’s bridal show season! Why? Because the holidays are a popular time for guys to (finally) get down on one knee and propose.

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Are You Scheduling Enough Time for Your Wedding Photography?

Today’s article was written by Christina Craft of FunkyTown Photography, a Vancouver Wedding Photographer and ISPWP member. Planning the Timing of Your Photography on Your Wedding Day Many couples are overwhelmed with creating a schedule for their wedding day that allows a balance between spending time on preparations, greeting their guests and having their photos […]

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The Secret Life of Wedding Photographers

What do Wedding Photographers Really Do? It comes up a lot. Usually when I’m standing in the buffet line for dinner, or when there’s a slow time during the day when I’m not taking pictures. “So you’re the photographer?” “Yessir, I am, and I absolutely love it.” “Well I don’t doubt it. You’re doing a […]

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Why Should I Hire an Experienced Wedding Photographer?

Seattle Bride magazine has a wonderful article that features ISPWP members John and Joseph Hong. The magazine sent one of their writers (who is also a photographer) to shoot a wedding along with the Hong brothers. What follows is an excellent first hand account of how the experience, talent, and equipment of a professional makes […]

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