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Why Expensive Wedding Photographers are Worth Every Cent

Why Expensive Wedding Photographers are Worth Every Cent

There are certain skills that can only be acquired with experience. Split second decision making is required when all does not go to plan – unexpected weather changes, equipment failure, accidents, delays.

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Real Wedding | Slovenia | Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer Zvonimir Kusec

Real Wedding - Slovenia - Zvonimir Kusec

We recently spent a wonderful day at the wedding in Slovenia. The bride and the groom were very relaxed, calm with love bursting out of them. Although the day was shrouded in clouds and rain, that only made it even more special and unique.

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Real Wedding | Auberge du Fleckenstein in Kutzenhausen | Frankfurt Wedding Photographer Dominik Peter

Real Wedding - Kutzenhausen - Dominik Peter

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere is the small and wonderful village Kutzenhausen. Jessica and Jean-Michel got married in the old town hall of Kutzenhausen and the wedding reception took place at the Auberge du Fleckenstein.

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Real Wedding Portraits in Budapest, Hungary | Presov, Slovakia Wedding Photographer Marek Lukacko

Real Wedding Portraits - Budapest - Marek Lukacko

Wedding portrait session in Budapest, Hungary.

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Real Wedding | Maison Quinta da Colina | João Pessoa, Brazil Wedding Photographer Julio Vasconcelos

Real Wedding - João Pessoa - Julio Vasconcelos

The Catholic ceremony took place on the São João Maria Vianey Seminary, highlighted by emotional moments. The magnificent reception, at Maison Quinta da Colina, had a fresh and lively atmosphere which lasted until the sunrise.

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Real Engagement Photos | Rome, Italy | Wedding Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Real Engagement Photos - Rome - Artur Jakutsevich

Sandy and David came to Rome with their parents, therefore we decided to split the shooting into 2 parts: a photo session with the parents in the evening and a morning shoot for the bride and groom only.

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Real Wedding | Quinta de Sant'Ana | Lisbon Wedding Photographer Fábio Azanha

Real Wedding - Portugal - Fábio Azanha

After happy tears and laughs the newly wedded couple together with the guests headed to the gorgeous Quinta de Sant´Ana – a picturesque, rustic wedding venue and a wine estate that overlooks the village.

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Real Wedding | Castle Laufen Schauffhausen | Zurich Wedding Photographer Anastasia Arrigo

Real Wedding - Switzerland - Anastasia Arrigo

The highlight of the celebration was for sure the reception at the Castle “Laufen” at the “Rheinfall Schaffhausen” (the most famous and well known waterfall in Switzerland).

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Real Wedding | Hotel Excelsior | Dubrovnik, Croatia Wedding Photographer Petar Jurica

Real Wedding - Dubrovnik - Petar Jurica

Dubrovnik is becoming one of the most popular wedding destinations in Europe. Crystal blue sea, beautiful city walls, magnificent history of the city, old churches and amazing restaurants and venues.

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Real Wedding | Quatro Estacoes Restaurante | Florianopolis Wedding Photographer Edoardo Agresti

Real Wedding - Florianopolis - Edoardo Agresti

The first impression from this wedding, for me, was the deep love between Joce and Lili. They never stopped crying, never stopped looking each other during the ceremony, laughing and happy during the party. A wonderful couple.

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